Cantata Blends combines two different types of gameplay into one fun strategy game. The base game is a strategy card game, where players are trying to collect the most points by playing tiles of different characteristics, like “Cantata” or “Blends”. The Cantata Blends game is the main attraction. The players are led through a series of puzzles where they use logic and creativity to blend ingredients into a dish that satisfies the main character of the game, Alpherad.

Cantata is the latest game from independent game developer, Axiom Z. Play as one or more characters, each with their own virtual world that they must navigate through. The goal of the game is to beat the Level Boss, collect as many of the Level’s Key Elements as you can, and make it to the Final Final Final Level Boss. You can play as one character, or you can play as all characters at once. There are three different characters, each possessing their own unique skillsets, abilities, and special powers.

Character-Driven Strategy Game Cantata Blends Psychedelic Visuals, Base Building, and Turn-Based Battles

Cantata, from publisher Modern Wolf and developer Afterschool Studios, is aiming for psychedelic graphics, which isn’t something you’d usually associate with a turn-based strategy game. The “spiritual, pragmatic battle for existence” in which its three factions are engaged is characterized by a burst of color, and you’ll step in to help them as one of nine commanding commanders.

Each of the Machines, Humans, and Aliens has distinct abilities that they will utilize to expand their dominance throughout the planet of Shoal. Each commanding commander will fight on a separate large campaign area. However, in addition to “complex, strategically rich systems that are simple to learn but take years to master,” you’ll need to maintain and develop your base to support your war effort.

Character-Driven Strategy Game Cantata Blends Psychedelic Visuals, Base Building, and Turn-Based Battles

Character-Driven Strategy Game Cantata Blends Psychedelic Visuals, Base Building, and Turn-Based Battles

You may begin with a simple base and a limited number of troops, but as you spend each round to expand it, you get access to more powerful choices. Your base also serves as your supply network, so if an enterprising opponent blows out a key component, you’ll have to rebuild or adapt.

“Every map you play on has mysteries that you must search out and discover. This isn’t a puzzle game; you’ll need to do thorough reconnaissance to identify the best path to your opponent across the terrain “The Steam description for Cantata reads:

The path you choose is your choice, but “the planet itself takes a turn every round, giving it the potential to fight back against the conflict on its surface through weather, fauna, and other secrets,” apart from the other factions attempting to stop you.

Cantata will also feature both online and local multiplayer upon launch. The level editor used to build the various story levels will also be available at launch, as part of the game’s aim to offer players with easy access to modding.

Cantata does not yet have a release date, but in the meanwhile, you can check out its amazing gameplay trailer below while we wait for further information on when we’ll be able to buy it on PC (through Steam and the Epic Games Store).

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