Kinesis is a sister company to Razer, and it’s quite the manufacturer. The TKO Ergonomic 60% Gaming Keyboard has been in the market for some time now, but Kinesis just released an updated version of this gaming keyboard that you won’t want to miss out on. To find out more about this new model, we’ll have to dive into its technical particulars.

The “kinesis tko gaming keyboard” is a 60% ergonomic keyboard that is designed to be used by gamers. It features an anti-ghosting key system, a durable design, and low profile keys.

Kinesis TKO Ergonomic 60% Gaming Keyboard Review

In the realm of gaming keyboards, two tendencies have emerged. The 60 percent form factor has becoming more popular as gamers recognize that they’d like more space on their workstation and more room to swing their mouse, while ergonomics is becoming increasingly important as gamers grasp the advantages of excellent posture that decent gear can bring. But what if there was a keyboard that could do both?

The Kinesis TKO Tournament Keyboard is built to be both comfortable and small, providing gamers with a keyboard unlike any other on the market. We raved about their Freestyle Edge RGB Keyboard in our review, so we were overjoyed when they provided one to High Ground Gaming for a fair and impartial assessment. Here’s what we discovered.

Specs (Zoom In)

  • 60% of the form factor
  • USB Type-C (Wired)
  • Ergonomic tenting is a kind of tent that is designed to be as comfortable
  • Spacebar that can be customized
  • Brown (tactile), red (linear), and white Switches for Kailh Boxes (clicky)
  • PBT doubleshot keycaps
  • RGB lighting in two zones
  • SmartSet App 3.0 is a new version of the SmartSet App.
  • Cost: $115.00


There are a number of fantastic features incorporated into the Kinesis TKO, but the arrangement of the feet is arguably the most notable. On the bottom of the keyboard, there are four feet that may be opened to two different degrees of height. The TKO’s feat in the back may be used like any other keyboard, but with a vertically raised elevation. However, using just the two on the right or left side results in a horizontal inclination. This isn’t suggested for everyday typing or productivity, but it does allow the wrist to rest at a more natural position when gaming.

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The remainder of the keyboard’s construction is equally outstanding. The TKO is appealing but subtle in design, with a metallic black shell and matt black double-shot PBT keycaps, while an RGB strip that runs down the front and sides adds flare. It includes a modular spacebar that divides the key into three halves for gaming convenience, but it also has a solid spacebar for those who prefer a more traditional style. It also includes a hard-shell travel cover and a 6-foot braided USB Type-C cord.

Kailh Box Switches

The device we received from Kinesis comes with white (clicky) Kailh Box Switches, but customers may pick from brown (tactile) or red (linear) switches as well. I had no idea what to anticipate from Kailh switches since we had never tried them previously. I’m pleased to report that I can’t say enough positive things about the experience. They have a nice tension balance, and the whites we tried had a pleasant click that isn’t overly loud. They are, in our opinion, among the greatest mechanical switches for gaming.

DSC_0150-1-1024x683 Kinesis TKO Ergonomic 60% Gaming Keyboard Review Picture 3 HGG / Cody Campbell photo

The Kailh Box white switches feature a travel distance of 3.6mm and a force of 50g. They are, however, replaceable in case you choose to change them out later.

Gaming Performance and Ergonomics

It’s a joy to game with the Kinesis TKO Keyboard. The USB Type-C cable connection minimizes latency to a bare minimum, giving the impression of rapid responses. I used it to play Halo: Infinite and found it to be snappy and comfortable, with better key spacing than many 60% keyboards.

DSC_0147-1-1024x683 Kinesis TKO Ergonomic 60% Gaming Keyboard Review Picture 4 HGG / Cody Campbell photo

Although the ergonomic tenting isn’t as visible as you would imagine, there is a notable reduction in wrist stress when you wear it. This function could be useful for reducing joint pain during lengthy gaming sessions.

RGB software with SmartSet App 3.0

The SmartSet App is the TKO’s most disappointing feature. It necessitates the use of a set of instructions to prepare the keyboard for communicating with the program by making it appear as a drive on the user’s PC. Then there are instructions for viewing and saving settings to the device’s onboard memory. That would be a small nuisance, but throughout my testing, I discovered other issues. Attempting to save a profile to the keyboard would often expel it from the software, and it wouldn’t detect the keyboard until it was removed and then put back in. Every time I shut down my computer, the program had to be reinstalled.

Capture-1024x563 Kinesis TKO Ergonomic 60% Gaming Keyboard Review Picture 5 HGG / Cody Campbell photo

There are 14 different lighting effects for the keys and ten different lighting effects for regulating the edge lights. The RGB Wave is cool, but the rest of the effects are quite basic. In certain settings, but not all, the program allows you to customize color, direction, and speed. This doesn’t seem to be the kind of program for users who like tinkering with their keyboard’s affects on a regular basis. Those who prefer a “set it and forget it” attitude will find it more palatable.

Is the Kinesis TKO a good investment?

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There are lots of 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboards that are less expensive than the Kinesis TKO. The Cooler Master SK622 and the Anne Pro 2 are two that feature wireless capability. When evaluating if the TKO is the ideal solution for them, there are two aspects to consider. The TKO’s outstanding build quality is the first. It’s the finest we’ve seen in this size, just beating out the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 by a hair. The ergonomic tenting design is the second. A gamer who suffers from hand and wrist discomfort may decide that the price increase is justified.

Verdict (Zoom Out)

Create a high-quality product





The Kinesis TKO Tournament Keyboard is very well-made, with ergonomic tenting feet that are unusual in this form factor. The Kailh Box Switches are fantastic, and the keyboard works flawlessly. The only drawbacks are the poor software and the high cost.

  • Kailh Box premium switches
  • Ergonomic tenting for gaming comfort
  • High-end construction
  • More pricey than comparable mechanical gaming keyboards that are 60% mechanical.
  • SmartSet App 3.0 is problematic, and onboard profile saving is required.
  • RGB possibilities are limited.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kinesis keyboards good?

A: Kinesis keyboards is a reputable brand.

What is the best 60% keyboard for gaming 2020?

A: This is a highly subjective question that can be answered differently by each individual. There are many different factors to consider when buying a keyboard, such as how you plan on using it and what your budget looks like. Some people may want something with reliable mechanical switches while others might prefer membrane or scissor keyboards for their gaming needs. It all depends on the situation, so there isnt really one true answer here.

Are 60% keyboards ergonomic?

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