The Back 4 Blood Beginner’s Guide offers tips and tricks for surviving the ridden.

The back 4 blood tips is a guide that will help new players survive the ridden. It includes tips for keeping your character alive and how to make money in the game.

It’s once again zombie-hunting season. Back 4 Blood is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S, as well as Xbox Game Pass. It’s risky to go alone while you’re getting ready to go. Take three buddies, as well as our beginner’s guide to surviving the Ridden horde. 

Back 4 Blood doesn’t immediately teach you all you need to know about killing opponents and surviving; there’s also no lesson on cards, builds, copper, or toolkits. As a result, in this guide, we’ve attempted to offer some information for them.

Here are five survival strategies for when you escape Fort Hope’s fortified walls. Cleaners, best of luck!

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks for Back 4 Blood

Make a Good First Impression With Your First Card

Back 4 Blood allows you to collect cards that may be used to add gameplay modifications to each new “run,” or set of stages, that you choose to play with friends and other players. For each run, you may personalize your deck of cards, however B4B neglects to explain that the first card in your deck is your starting card. Because this card is usually played first, you should pick it carefully.

You may move cards up and down inside a deck by choosing the deck and clicking the “Grab Card” button on your platform. 

Battle Lust, which brings back 2 HP for every melee kill, is my favorite early-game card, therefore I put it first in my deck. That implies melee has a healing ability linked to it every round I play. Since medicines, bandages, and medkits are hard to come by, I can’t suggest it highly enough. But, whatever your greatest card is, place it first so you may take use of its benefits whenever you choose.

Keep deck construction in mind.

Back 4 Blood's multiplayer cards deck manager with custom deck.

When it comes to cards, each deck may include up to 15 cards. You won’t need all of them at first, but after you have enough to build a deck, think about how you’ll play and with whom you’ll play. Build decks that are well-thought-out.

Supplement her healing skills and give her the strongest shotgun-buffing cards you have if you know you’ll be a shotgunning Doc. If you’re going to cut it up as a high-stamina Karlee, increase those essential attributes instead.

Every level begins with a card from your deck being played, meaning you’ll never be able to choose from your whole deck. That’s why having a well-thought-out deck is so beneficial. It guarantees that you have the finest cards in your hand and that your hand is always closely themed toward making you the best Cleaner you can be.

Avoid the Solo Campaign if at all possible.

Back 4 Blood's game modes menu with the solo campaign highlighted.

You would assume that playing Back 4 Blood with AI bots would be entertaining, but you’d be mistaken. While the bots perform well – neither better or worse than many other games in the genre – the solo campaign is still missing in key material, rendering it essentially useless. 

No matter how tough the game is, you will not gain Supply Points, which means you will not be able to access new cards or cosmetics. That also means you won’t be able to modify your deck of cards, so you’ll be stuck with the basic starting pack of five cards to defeat various opponent kinds.

Furthermore, you can’t stop Back 4 Blood in any case, so if pausing the game is something you’re looking for (busy parent here, I know how it goes), the solo campaign unfortunately lacks this option. Make time for Back 4 Blood’s online multiplayer… or find something better to do.

Distribute the Wealth

A pile of copper coins on the ground.

Back 4 Blood gets co-op right in at least one key way: money is pooled, and players may purchase things in the safe room for each other. If you have any spare copper and your buddy can’t buy a medkit, give it to them!

If you have a lot of copper left over, you may be able to purchase team improvements like more effective attacking items or the ability for everyone to carry an extra support item.

So, where do you look for copper? Copper may be found on every level (and some cards help you find it more easily). Look for gleaming currency heaps on the ground, on tables, and on boxes. Everywhere.

Once you’ve got your loadout ready in between levels and acts, consider being kind with your leftover copper and turning it in for some essential goods for others. Who knows, maybe your contribution to another player’s loadout may rescue you all when you’re up against four mutations and a horde at the same time.

Always have a toolkit or two with you.

The in-mission vendor menu with the toolkit accessory highlighted.

Nothing is more useful than the Tool Kit among the numerous potential support items you may choose to include in your loadout. Consider it a lockpicking skill that allows you to open doors with yellow marks, such as a circle with a line across it, that are otherwise locked.

You’ll typically discover a ton of copper, ammunition, new weapons, and other stuff behind these closed doors.

The contents of these hidden chambers may quickly transform a run from doomed to dominating, but you’ll be out of luck if your whole squad doesn’t have a Tool Kit. If anybody is playing as Karlee, I recommend giving her a Tool Kit since her passive talent enables her to carry an additional support item.

Because you’ll frequently encounter two of these locked doors in a level, having the pair on one person rather than two allows you to vary your group’s equipment even more.

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And that concludes our Back 4 Blood beginner’s guide. Of course, there are more methods to maximize your loadouts and characters, but these are some of the basics to remember when playing. Check out our expanding B4B hub for additional information about Turtle Rock’s huge new zombie shooter. If you’re still undecided about the game, have a look at our review.

The back 4 blood beginner’s guide is a website that has been created to help new players. This website contains tips and tricks for surviving the ridden game mode. Reference: back 4 blood deck builds.

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