It looks like the second season of Call of Duty Vanguard could bring some new vehicles into the game. A recent piece of art shows what appear to be tanks and bikes, hinting that we could see these new modes of transportation in the near future.

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2 x Warzone

The much-anticipated Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2 is finally coming to Warzone, and the artwork accompanying the announcement teases two possible vehicle additions in the Battle Royale arena: Tanks and Bikes.

The announcement graphic, which was just released, depicts a tank rolling through the terrain as a dirt bike rides behind it. Given that tanks currently exist in Warzone’s Battle Royale Mode, it’s plausible that they’ll get a perk or ability comparable to their Modern Warfare counterparts. Bikes may also be used by players to swiftly traverse big map areas such as Verdansk or Rebirth Island during battles.

While nothing is clear regarding Season 2, tank and bike vehicles are expected to play a significant part in improving gameplay for fans of all ability levels.

Motorbikes and Tanks

The upcoming season of Call of Duty: Warzone will most likely include motorcycles and tanks, according to current graphics and animations. This is hardly surprising given that the title of Call of Duty Vanguard is “Tanks& Bikes“.

The artwork in issue depicts a frame from a sequence in which an operator, most likely Ghost, is riding a motorcycle and evading an opposing vehicle. The vehicle seems tank-like, with a big barrel jutting from the front.

It’s unknown how these vehicles will fit into the Warzone gameplay loop, but enthusiasts predict that they might be utilized to explore Verdansk quicker than ever before, or possibly in large vehicle clashes. Previous seasonal Art has alluded to these new features, thus their inclusion is only natural. With season two approaching, we should be receiving official information shortly.

Bugs and Issues

Call of Duty Warzone 2 players are encountering glitches and difficulties when playing the game. Players often claim difficulties such as being unable to connect to online multiplayer matches, seeing error warnings while attempting to launch the game, and lobbies not showing. Other users have reported in-game issues such as crashes, sluggish or unresponsive gameplay, and difficulty accessing certain areas. These are just a few of the flaws that gamers have encountered with the newest Call of Duty game.

To address these issues and ensure that Warzone 2 functions well for all users, developers have published a number of updates to address any problems that may have arisen. These updates are designed to maintain Warzone 2 working as smoothly as possible and to keep players enjoying the game without interruption.

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2: Art Hints At Tanks & Bikes in Warzone

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