This guide will be geared towards those who want to learn how to level and make your journeys in the game a bit easier. The job class is considered one of the most difficult jobs from endgame content onward, so this guide should help you out with different tips for leveling as well as some rotation advice.

Black and White Magic run across the landscape of Eorzea in currents and eddies like mountain streams. Whereas the former is destructive, White Magic works in harmony with nature, providing rejuvenation and healing to those who need it. The White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV is an unrivaled healer, capable of maintaining a team through the most difficult trials while simultaneously stunlocking opponents with Holy light bursts. Are you up for the challenge of becoming a famous Healer? High Ground Gaming’s FFXIV White Mage Job Guide will help you get ready!

Make a White Magic Spell

To begin, you must learn the Conjurer’s very basic craft. The Conjurer’s Guild in Stillglade Fane, on the southern outskirts of Old Gridania, is where this class may be found. Go there and pick up a Conjurer’s wand, then work your way up to level 30 to unlock class missions and the White Mage job.

A White Mage helps stabilize a patient in the hospital (Image: Square Enix via HGG / Mitch Gentry) The study of the healing arts starts far from conflict.

Simple instructions will not educate you as much as your experience as a Conjurer would. Specifically, how squishy you are and how dependent you are on others to do the heavy work when it comes to doing damage. That’s not to mean you’re powerless as a Healer. Most tasks may be completed alone if you toss pebbles and summon stinging gusts of wind. However, when it comes to responsibilities and adventuring parties, it’s best to concentrate on filling health bars.

That is, after you’ve set up your windy DoTs and tossed a few pebbles.  

Peers’ Healing

With every job and trial you run as a White Mage, you must steel yourself to handle the intangible but onerous expectations of the whole playerbase. The White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV is simply the finest healer in the game. That’s because in large part to their extensive medical intervention toolset.

ffxiv_whitemage_groupfate-1024x576 A White Mage heals his party - FFXIV White Mage Guide Ensure that your crew is well-supplied. (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

Despite its techniques, the White Mage might seem to be one of the most basic classes in the game. When the group is on its last legs, sagging under the weight of a Primal’s attacks, playing a Healer is anything but straightforward. To prioritize heals and Swiftcase Raise when required, you’ll need steel nerves and the ability to think on your feet.

What about the rest of the time? Playing a Healer is excellent second-monitor Netflix entertainment.

Job Rotation for White Mage

As a late-game White Mage, you have a lot of spells on your hotbar, but your core rotation is fairly straightforward in reality.

ffxiv_whitemage_playingdead-1024x576 A White Mage attends to a patient who is playing dead Sometimes they’re simply pretending to be dead. (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

To heal, you’ll employ the Cure, Regen, Medica, and Asylum spells. Cures and Regen are single-target spells, while Medica is a healer-focused AoE and Asylum is a location-based spell. Cure and Medica both have several grades of efficacy ranging from I to III. Heal-over-time (HoT) is available in both Medica II and Asylum, with the latter buffing healing conducted inside it.

The Medica spells are AoE heals that focus on the caster, and they’re useful for repairing damage done to the whole party during Primal encounters. Even after the first healing burst, Medica II provides a HoT to keep the good feelings going. For a competent White Mage, they’re a requirement on the hotbar, but they burn through MP like no other, so they shouldn’t be your first line of defense.

The Healing Indicator

The White Mage’s supplemental resource also maintains the thread of naturalistic healing that connects the class together, which is a very on-brand move. After finishing the class quest A Journey of Purification at level 52, you’ll be able to use the Lily-powered gauge. What is the best way to get Lilies? Of course, by participating in a massive combat!

You will acquire a Lily on your Healing Gauge for every 30 seconds you are engaged in fight. Keep in mind that you may only carry three Lilies at a time! Instead than capping out, it’s better to use them and earn them back.

Lilies are utilized to fuel class-specific spells in the late game. These same spells may be used to “nourish the Blood Lily,” which takes three charges to blossom. Blooming the Blood Lily – no, it’s not a 90s nu-metal record – grants you the ability to cause Afflatus Misery, which delivers a lot of AoE damage and may provide you some breathing space. Keep an eye out for the ones with a Lily cost and those that nourish the Blood Lily in the next list to get the most out of this mechanic.

There is no Hippocratic Oath in this place.

Every class in Final Fantasy XIV is, at its core, a DPS, as previously stated. Even the White Mage isn’t immune. When it comes to trading blows, you have Stone for single-target damage, Aero/Dia for damage-over-time (DoT), and Holy for damage-over-time (DoT).

Don’t worry, we’ll get to Holy.

You also have a couple of panic buttons. Keep Benediction and Tetragrammaton on your hotbar for quick heals that replenish your bar. These abilities, like other panic buttons, have a long cooldown, so keep that in mind. You’ll be the White Mage you’ve always wanted to be with all of these spells combined. But knowing the spells isn’t enough; you also need to know how and when to employ them.

Is it possible that a deep dive is in order?

White Mage Job Guide in Final Fantasy XIV: Leveling

ffxiv_whitemage_whmguide-1024x576 White Mages meet in the woods You’ll be seeing a lot of the Padjal in the future. (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at your toolset from top to bottom.

Levels 1-10 of the White Mage

Actions of a Reborn Realm

Stone (or Stone I, Lv. 1) is your first Conjurer spell, and it’s a damage-dealing one at that, with 140 potency single-target damage and 400 MP on tap. To level, you’ll need to be able to fight adversaries, right?

Casting Cure I gif Cure I is the first spell that every White Mage learns. (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

Your first healing spell is Cure (or Cure I, Lv. 2). With 450 healing potency for 400 MP and a 1.5s cast time, it’s a low-cost, low-potency technique to deal with wounds from lesser adversaries. When you reach Level 32 and gain the Freecure Trait, you’ll have a 15% chance of getting a free Cure II cast if it’s within 15 seconds of your Cure I cast. However, if you do the math, you’ll find that it’s not nearly as beneficial in practice. Once you’ve unlocked the higher grade healing spells, it’s best to continue with them.

Aero is a DoT spell that causes 50 damage to the victim and 30 damage every tick for 18 seconds after you reach level 4. It also costs 400 MP, thus mana management isn’t an issue. Throw an Aero on target after your Tank has enmity locked down, then start healing or follow up with Stone.

Repose (Lv. 8) is your first Role Action, and it’s a 600 MP spell that puts anybody within 30 yalms to sleep for 30 seconds. It won’t always work on all targets, but for the occasional mook, it’s a wonderful method to keep your Tank vertical.

Medica (or Medica I, Lv. 10) is an AoE heal focused on the healer performing it for those party-wide damage waves. It has a 300 potency and heals the caster as well as any close party members. It does, however, cost a whopping 1,000 MP, so store it until you need it.

Your second Role Action, Esuna, is also unlocked at Level 10. It eliminates a single negative effect from the target for 400 MP and up to 30 yalms, such as debuffs and DoTs (refer to the UI for the brightened line that indicates an Esuna-able debuff). This ability is notably useful in chores and trials when bosses dish out debuffs like candy on Halloween. Aurum Vale, I’m looking at you.

11th through 30th level

Raise, which is available at level 12, is a powerful spell. You may bring a party member within 30 yalms back to life – although in a weakened form – for a staggering 2,400 MP. This spell takes 8 seconds to perform, so be sure you’re at the right place at the right time. After all, you’re usually down a party member or two while you’re casting it.

Fluid Aura (Lv. 15) is a quick spell that binds a target for 6 seconds with 25 yalms. If you’re being pursued, root an enemy in place so you may flee, or do the same for a buddy under fire. It has a short cooldown of 30 seconds, allowing you to utilize it numerous times in a single battle scenario.

Stone II is your first upgraded spell when you reach Level 18. All other metrics, such as the 400 MP required to cast and the 25 yalm range, are preserved, however the damage is increased to 200 potency. Swiftcast (Lv. 18), your next Role Action, is an instant that makes your next spell cast instantly if cast within 10 seconds. In trials, it’s most typically utilized to Swiftcast a Raise on the Main Tank or second healer, but with some experience, you could discover other uses – so maintain an open mind!

Casting Lucid Dreaming Perhaps I’m Lucid Dreaming (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG / Mitch Gentry)

Lucid Dreaming (Role Action, Lv. 24) is also very useful since it’s an instant that slowly restores your MP for 50 potency every tick for 21 seconds after casting. Put it on when you know you’ll be casting a lot of spells soon, or when you see your MP plummeting to hazardous levels in the middle of a combat.

At Level 30, Cure II is added to your toolbox. It costs 1,000 MP and takes 2s to cast for 700 potency, compared to 400 MP, 1.5s, and 450 potency for Cure I. Cure II will not overwrite Cure I, unlike some other class upgrade spells, thus you may keep both on your hotbar and cast either one depending on your mana reserves or the windows of opportunity you have to work with. However, you’ll mostly be casting Cure II since the healing is so much better than Cure I — particularly in late-game stuff.

Presence of Mind, your second Level 30 unlock, decreases your spellcasting, recasting, and auto-attacking times by 20% for 15 seconds. This is a potent spell that may let you quickly deliver a volley of healing or damage. It has a cooldown of 150 seconds, so save it for when you truly need it. Your guests will be grateful.

Levels 31 through 50

Regen (Lv. 35) is a healing spell that works like a Swiss Army Knife. It’s a single-target HoT with 200 potency every tick for 18 seconds that you can set and forget on almost anybody. Did your DPS take any damage from an opponent AoE? Regenerate the Tank and retarget it. Do you want to keep the Tank stocked? Regen. Have you ever lost a little health due to a blunder? Regen. And it’s all for 500 MP and 30 yalms, with an immediate cast time on any target. It’s breathtaking, and it’s a must-have for every White Mage.

Cure III, at level 40, is the finest of the best Cure spells. It won’t overwrite Cure I or II as previously, so you may mix and match as required. Cure III heals a target for 550 potency as well as all party members within 6 yalms of the target, making it ideal for healing numerous Tanks in a trial or grouped DPS players who have all recently eaten an AoE. It takes 2 seconds to cast and costs 1,500 MP, so it’s better to save it for last.

Surecast (Lv. 44) is another immediate Role Action with a strong but specialized specialty. When you cast, you get 6 seconds of continuous casting, thus taking damage won’t stop you from channeling. It also protects you from most knockbacks and draw-in effects, giving you a firm foundation when you need it most. Recast only takes 120 seconds, so have it in your back pocket.

Casting Holy By the Light of the Holy Spirit! (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

When we declared we’d go to Holy (Lv. 45), we meant it. It’s now or never. Holy is a legendary spell with a cast duration of 2.5 seconds and a cost of 600 MP that can turn fights around in an instant. Literally. The Holy caster unleashes a blinding flash of light that does 140 damage and stuns all adjacent opponents for 4 seconds once channeled. Because Holy spells have a 2.5-second recast duration, you may chain them together to stunlock mooks — but not bosses. However, keep in mind that your primary objective in the party is to heal. Holy is at the right place at the right moment… and, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t true everywhere and all of the time. When you’re inundated with ads, or just to clean up towards the conclusion of a draw, do this.

Aero II, an upgrade to Aero I, does 60 potency wind damage and adds a 60 potency DoT for 18s at Level 46. Aero I’s cheap 400 MP cost is maintained, and it’s an immediate cast. Drop this DoT on any target within 25 yalms for whom your Tank is holding aggro, then heal.

Rescue (Lv. 48), the last Role Action, allowing you to bodily bring a party member to your side. If the Tank gets stuck too far into the telegraph, Rescue them to get them out of danger. It has a 30 yalm range, a 120 second recast duration, and can’t be used outside of battle or on targets that have specific debuffs. When you need to use it, though, you must utilize it. In trials, keep your head swiveled for Rescue possibilities.

Finally, Level 50 includes two amazing spells: Medica II and Benediction, which flesh out A Realm Reborn’s White Mage repertoire. The former is a non-replacing enhancement to Medica I that costs 1,300 MP and heals you and any party members within 20 yalms with 200 potency. It takes 2.5 seconds to cast, but at that time, Medica II additionally applies a 15-second 100-potency Regen effect. So, while you’re at it, heal now and later! Benediction is a 30-yalm instant that restores all of a target’s HP. It’s great for rescuing your Tank — or yourself – from certain death, but it has a 180-second cooldown, so save it until you need it.

FFXIV White Mage Heavensward Level 51-60 Actions

Taking your White Magic self to Coerthas will provide you new magic spells that are as pristine as the snowfall. Afflatus Solace (Lv. 52) is as religious as it sounds, restoring a target’s HP in 30 yalms for 700 potency while simultaneously feeding the Blood Lily. Don’t you remember the Blood Lily? It’s important to remember that Afflatus Solace costs 1 Lily, so budget wisely.                                                           

At Level 52, you may now use Asylum to place a healing bubble and healing gear directly on the battlefield. 8 yalms surrounding anyplace within 30 yalms of yourself, you may instantaneously encompass a “specified region in a shroud of succor.” This realm grants people standing inside it a HoT of 100 potency for 24 seconds, as well as a 10% boost in HP recovery through healing actions on party members. Before performing Medica II, why not cast Asylum on yourself and your party?

Stone III (Lv. 54) is considerably stonier, causing 240 potency earth damage to a target within 25 yalms for 400 MP. Because it has a cast duration of 2.5 seconds, be sure you’re ready to commit first.

Casting Assize Reduce your opponents to Assize (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

Assize (Lv. 56) is a wonderful AoE that hits all opponents within 15 yalms for potency 400 unaffected damage. But wait, there’s more! At the same time, it heals yourself and your party members for 400 potency in 15 yalms. In addition, it recovers 5% of your maximum MP. All of this comes in the form of an immediate ability with no MP cost and a 45-second cooldown. You’ll definitely be casting this a lot.

Thin Air (Lv. 58) is an instant with a 120-second cooldown that decreases the MP cost of all your actions by 100 percent for 12 seconds. That’s correct, all of your spells are now free for 12s. For optimal effects, combine this with some heavy-handed Medica II, Cure II or III, and maybe a Raise at the end.

Tetragrammaton, a Level 60 spell that heals a target for 700 potency in 30 yalms, is a very flexible spell. It also has no MP cost, so you may spend the 60s cooldown healing in any manner you choose before slamming Tetragrammaton back down on the table. However, like with other costly heals, if you don’t need to burn it right now, store it in your pocket for later!

FFXIV White Mage Guide Stormblood Actions, Levels 61-70

Stormblood doesn’t have much to offer White Mages, but what it does has a lot of potential. Stone IV (Lv. 64) is an improvement to the Stone line. It still costs 400 MP and takes 2.5 seconds to cast, but it now does 280 potency damage to your target in 25 yalms. Except for your enemies, a little additional harm never hurts.

Casting Divine Benison … What is a Divine Benison, exactly? (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

Divine Benison (Lv. 66) is a 15-second instant that constructs a 30 yalms-wide barrier around oneself or a party member. This barrier is comparable to a 500-potency heal, and it will be depleted after absorbing 500 damage.

Finally, as if Stormblood didn’t have enough, Plenary Indulgence (Lv. 70) offers the Confession buff to you and any party members within 20 yalms. Confession will trigger another supplemental heal on top of any HP recovery you get from Medica I, Medica II, Cure III, or Afflatus Rapture performed by yourself. Confession gives you an additional 200 potency healing spell if you perform one of those spells during the 10 seconds the boost lasts.

FFXIV White Mage Guide Shadowbringers Actions Level 71-80

Dia (Lv. 72) is a character you’ll meet early on in your Norvrandt travels. It’s a 400 MP instant that does unaffected damage with a potency of 120 and a 60 potency DoT over 30s. It’s a good improvement over the Aero spells, and it’ll come in handy on the First.

Glare (Lv. 72) is a single-target damaging spell that assumes the mantle of the Stone spells, doing 300 potency damage for 400 MP and having a cast time of 2.5 seconds and a cooldown of 2.5 seconds. It’s not horrible, but it’s not really intriguing. Don’t worry, Shadowbringers has a few tricks up its sleeve as well.

Afflatus Misery (Lv. 74) is an instant that strikes a target – as well as all foes within 5 yalms of it – with an attack that has a potency of 900 for the first adversary and 25% less for the rest. It’s worth noting that Afflatus Misery can only be used after the Blood Lily has fully bloomed, so maintain nurturing it with Afflatus Solace if you want to use Misery.

You may also replenish yourself and your party members with Afflatus Rapture (Lv. 76), which nourishes the Blood Lily while healing you and your party members in 20 yalms. The healing potency is 300, which is sufficient for an immediate AoE heal. It’s also worth noting that Rapture costs 1 Lily.

Casting Temperance Temperance in all things – and you’ll obtain gorgeous sparkling wings! (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

Last but not least, Temperance (Lv. 80) is a 120s cooldown instant that boosts your healing magic potency by 20% for 20 seconds. But that’s not all: during the same period of time, it decreases damage received by yourself and any party members within 30 yalms by 10%. A fantastic technique to boost your healing while also debuffing opponent damage in one easy-to-use bundle.


Playing an FFXIV White Mage is sometimes simple, sometimes difficult, and always nerve-wracking when the stakes are high. The party’s aspirations and goals are riding on you — and sometimes only you – to get them through the task or trial alive. After all, a Tank can only take so much abuse. A never-ending barrage of strikes will break even the hardest rock.

ffxiv_whitemage_journeycontinues-1024x576 The journey continues... The journey seems to continue on forever… (Photo courtesy of Square Enix via HGG/Mitch Gentry)

It’s your mission to repair the rock, wet him down, and push him back into the ring. Rehearse your bedside demeanor and inform your guests that “the doctor is in.” They may not express it, but they are grateful and recognize that they could not have done it without you.

Regardless of what the Paladin says.

We hope you now have all of the tools you need to become a world-renowned White Magic healer! If you like this FFXIV White Mage Job tutorial and would want to see more, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know what you think in the comments area below. 

Until then, we’ll be looking for Unspoiled Mining Nodes in the Dravanian Hinterlands.

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