Online slots have become big business in recent years, and today many players head to online casinos specifically to play slots. Real casino slots offer some of the most exciting and addictive games on any site. Also, it is possible to play for free, which also suits many users. All online slot machines will have their own theme and features, but many of them share the same basic structure. This article will look at every aspect of a slot, from the random number generator that drives the game to an overview of the most popular add-ons and features you will find online.

What is the first thing to know about slots?

In the beginning, a slot was mechanical. What is a slot in basic terms? A lever is pulled, the reels start spinning, a winning combination falls out – rejoice. You’re in luck! But not everything is so simple. To large wins are not issued in excessive quantities, different honeycombs are equipped with a different number of “elite” signs.

Random result. As an elementary example, let’s take a game of dice. Throw the dice, fell out 5, 3, 6, which you obviously could not predict in advance. This is randomness.

Electronic machine as a type. Unlike mechanics, the electronic version of the slot provides a lot of different combinations, which brings much larger wins when they fall out. This is where the developers wondered: what if the player is fabulously lucky, and he wins, for example, a few million? That is what the bank exists for.

The principle of modern slots

Each slot machine is built in a special programme (RNG), which generates random numbers during the game. It works completely inconsistently. The player can never predict the layout at the next rotation.

If the slot has 3 reels, the RNG produces, respectively, 3 random numbers. These numbers are followed in turn on the drums, and the computer processes them and gives a combination of symbols. In this case, the player already sees only the final result.

Each machine’s RNG is configured differently. This depends on the machine’s return percentage. The percentage says how much money you can get from the machine after a long time. This does not mean that if the slot has a return percentage of 90, then this amount can be obtained in one spin. It will require a huge number of spins.

The period of accumulation of money by the slot until it starts to give out profits is conventionally called a cycle. There are machines with short and long cycles. In the first of them, the payout percentage is more frequent; in the second machine – it is less frequent, but the amount of money is much larger. Each player chooses which payout system will suit him.

Random number generator

Every online slot is controlled by a random number generator (RNG), which the licence regulators fully test to ensure that it is truly random. Whichever slot you play on, this RNG will determine which symbols appear on each reel, so you see a different set of symbols on each spin. In addition to slots, the RNG will control all other casino games—it will, for example, decide where the ball lands on the virtual roulette table or which cards are dealt in virtual blackjack.

Many new players miss the realization that every spin is the result of new random numbers. While our brains see things in sequence, the reality is that the last spin has absolutely no effect on the next spin.

How to win at online slots

Most of your winnings will occur during the base game, when you hit consecutive symbols from left to right. By looking at the slot’s paytable, you’ll see exactly how many symbols you’ll need and how much you’ll win when you land them. Most games offer the option to play on more than one payline (some games offer up to 100), so you’ll need to hit these symbols in a row on one of the paylines to win.

As you delve deeper into the subject, you will learn that some slots are more varied than others. Some games pay out smaller amounts frequently (low variance), while others pay out less frequently but still give bigger prizes (higher variance).

Slots and management

Slots management is the responsibility of the respective panel provided by the operator. The panel displays statistics and settings for free spins on ongoing promotions. It is impossible to adjust the payout (RTP) manually; this is handled directly by the developer.


Jackpots are awarded as follows: a certain amount in the pot (net or total, depending on the type of jackpot) and the number of spins are reached. Whether jackpots of the maximum size have been issued to anyone is still being determined. In theory, it is possible. Most of the 90% jackpot is paid out from the network, and the casino issues the remaining 10%. Usually, the contract between the operator and the supplier stipulates this point. This fact is common knowledge and the fact that the jackpot is not limited to a specific amount.

Special symbols and concepts in slots

  • Wilds: You will find them in most online slots. These symbols substitute for any other symbol, allowing you to win extra wins.
  • Scatters: Scatter symbols pay out based on the number on the reels, regardless of position. The most popular use of a scatter on online slots is to activate a bonus feature such as a free spins round. The more scatters you land to activate the feature, the bigger the prize will be.


  • Freespins: From the name, it becomes clear that you don’t have to pay for these spins. These are spins that are done at the casino’s expense.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Many players head straight for the progressive jackpot slots where the biggest prizes can be found. These jackpots are formed by a small percentage of each bet being credited to the jackpot pool.

The range of features in slots can vary from game to game. Some slots may offer a simple basic game, while others may offer a range of different features. Of course, with so many games to choose from, the slot choice is entirely up to you!

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