Games are becoming more and more demanding, but the GTX 1080 Ti is a good option for gaming in 2022. But should you upgrade? That depends on your preference of games that will be available at launch or down the road.

The “evga gtx 1080 ti sc black edition” is a graphics card that was released in 2017. It is still good for gaming purposes in 2022, but it would be best to upgrade the GPU if you are planning on playing games on a PC.

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The GeForce GTX 1080 is a powerful graphics card with plenty of processing power. In low-resolution settings, it may fulfill practically all of your game visual needs. But there’s a catch: you won’t be able to employ Ray Tracing technology. Many tech experts predict that this graphics card can handle 1080p gaming at 60 frames per second in the future. In 2021, the game will handle most games even at 1440p.

If you’re looking for pure gaming power on a budget, the GTX 1080 is without a doubt the finest option. Due to the fluctuating nature of the crypto market in 2021, the prices of these cards are much greater than they were a year ago. So, if you want one of these animals, we suggest waiting for the costs to decrease. You can also look for the best displays for the GTX 1080 by going here.

The GTX 1080 outperforms the GTX 1070 it replaces by a little margin. However, research suggest that when it comes to crypto mining, 1080 is worse than 1070. As a consequence, crypto miners have opted for a more powerful graphics card over the GTX 1080. This will almost probably result in a price reduction for graphics cards in the near future.


In 1440p visual settings, the card offers a maximum of 140 frames per second and a minimum of 60 frames per second in some of the most demanding titles, such as Black Ops: Cold War, Crysis 3, and Apex Legends.

CS: GO and GTV 5 are somewhat less demanding games that operate at 200+ frames per second in 1440p with the maximum visual settings. The lowest frames per second (fps) recorded was 100.

These Pascal cards are still suitable for gaming and multimedia developers despite the absence of Ray tracing capability. Currently, the GTX 1080 graphics cards cost between $400 and $450. We urge, however, that you wait for the market to calm down. You’ll be able to purchase these cards for less than $350 if you act quickly.

How can I choose the best 1080Ti graphics card for my needs?

selective focus photography of GEFORCE RTX graphics card

The GTX 1080Ti is NVidia’s flagship graphics card series, and there aren’t many factors to consider before buying one for your gaming setups. Many vendors incorporate enticing features on their graphics cards. Some, on the other hand, provide exceptional results while preserving an attractive appearance.

For any avid gamer, the higher base and boost clock speeds, as well as the price point, will influence whether or not to acquire a card. These will be used to set the benchmarks. A solid base/boost clock, paired with excellent overclocking settings, can help you get the additional raw performance you need for a smooth and pleasurable gaming experience.

The second factor to consider when selecting a card is how it manages heat dissipation. A suitable cooling design and system are essential for such high-end graphics cards. The following are some features to look for in a GTX 1080Ti graphics card.

Gamers’ Benchmarks

When selecting a 1080Ti, benchmarking is a vital element to consider. Although looks are crucial, raw performance and FPS are much more significant. Make sure you do your study before purchasing the GPU that catches your interest.

The Nvidia GTX 1080Ti founders’ edition is fantastic, however owing to their construction and design, these distinct models provide higher performance. The founders’ edition cards feature a low base clock and boost clocks. These businesses give their flagship cards for this purpose.

Double-check the test with graphics cards from multiple manufacturers once you’ve settled on the GTX 1080Ti for your build. The crucial thing to remember is that the cards may convert into a fireplace after running the most recent AAA game. That’s an emphatic no.

The cooling department’s current state

A good cooling system is required for these high-end GPUs. It shouldn’t be an issue with the 1080Tis since practically every maker has concentrated on a decent cooling design. Some manufacturers provide a large heatsink, while others offer a compact heatsink.

Clock Speed (Beginner) and Clock Speed (Advanced) (Boost)

The base clock speed isn’t nearly as crucial as the boost clock speed. The greater the raw performance, the higher the boost clock. If you have a rawer performance in your hands, you will be able to gain higher FPS in gaming.

The card’s total number of ports.

This is not an issue for those who intend to utilize a single monitor with their gaming systems. This is a crucial factor if you want to utilize numerous displays with your gaming equipment, such as four monitors.

The majority of the GTX 1080Tis on this list come with 1x HDMI, 3x Display Ports, and 1x DL-DVI-D, which may or may not be enough depending on your demands. More than four output ports are available on certain graphics cards, such as the Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition GPU.


Is a 1080ti capable of running Cyberpunk 2077?

Yes, a 1080Ti can run Cyberpunk in 4K at resolutions ranging from 1080p to 1440p (and do so with ease). You may need to adjust your settings to keep it over 60 frames per second, but with that 1080Ti, you’re not only above the minimum but also the recommended specifications, since the suggested is 1060.

Is it feasible to play 4K on a 1080Ti?

Today, the GTX 1080 Ti is the first GPU capable of driving 4K at 60 frames per second or higher without requiring visual settings to be reduced. That alone is enough enough to give it a thumbs up.


Specifically, the GTX 1080 can handle all of your graphical requirements. One of these should be your first pick if you’re a content developer or a budget-conscious gamer. At $450, these cards are a tad on the costly side. Once the market stabilizes and these babies start to go around for $350, the GTX 1080 will undoubtedly be a sensible buy in 2022.

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The “Is the gtx 1080 still good in 2021” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is that it depends on what you are using the card for. If you are looking for a GPU for gaming, then yes, it will be good in 2022. Reference: is the gtx 1080 still good in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1080 TI still a good card in 2021?

A: Yes, the 1080 TI is still a good graphics card in 2021.

Is GTX 1080 Ti outdated?

A: This is a complicated question, but the short answer is no. The GTX 1080 Ti still has an important performance boost over its predecessor and performs very well in games that are not intensively demanding.

Is the 1080 TI future proof?

A: That depends on what you want to do with it. If you are just doing basic gaming and dont care about spending a lot of time in VR, then the 1080Ti is fine for that. However, if you spend a lot of time in VR and plan to upgrade your hardware down the line, I would recommend going for something more powerful like the RTX 2080 or above.

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