Prakriti Samrakshanam is an essay written by the famous 17th century Sanskrit writer and poet Tulsidas. This article has been translated into English language for children and young students to learn about the life of a Hindu god called Vibhishana.

The “prakriti samrakshanam essay in malayalam language” is a Malayalam essay that was written by the Indian poet Kalidasa. The essay is about the nature of beauty and how it can be found in all things, no matter what form it takes.

Prakriti Samrakshanam Essay In English For Students & Children



Prakriti samrakshanam is a Malayalam term that translates to “environmental preservation.” Environment protection is the act of defending your environment against a variety of threats posed by different human activities, as well as the need to conserve natural resources.

Environmental protection is a significant issue that everyone should be aware of, and everyone should strive to preserve the environment through different means and ways, since the environment is a place that provides everything to everyone.


Everyone understands the significance of environmental protection, but no one has the time to do anything about it. Instead, they damage the environment by dumping trash in the environment in open areas, such as plastic bottles or sound paper cups.

Environment protection is a subject that everyone should be aware of since it is critical to preserve the environment not only for ourselves but also for future generations who want a safe and healthy environment.



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Environmental protection is an essential step in safeguarding your environment from different dangers and the depletion of various natural resources, which helps to preserve the ecological balance and prevent the depletion of natural resources on the planet.

Environmental protection also aids in the preservation of wildlife and human life, since it is critical for us to have a healthy environment in order to have a healthy body.


It is critical to preserve our environment from everyone, including ourselves, since we disrupt the environment via a variety of ways and techniques, and some individuals are exploiting the environment for the Prophet by chopping down trees for raw materials and clearing land for residential development.

The world’s green cover is dwindling as a result of irresponsible tree cutting and forest clearance for residential and commercial purposes, which has a negative impact on the environment and our lives.



The environment in India is well safeguarded by the Indian government and the Indian people, who have prevented the unlawful use of the environment for selfish purposes and also prevent other people from exploiting the environment for their own purposes.

Individuals caught in the act of disrupting the natural environment and exploiting the natural resources available in the environment for profit face a variety of harsh fines and punishments.

In India, many environmental campaigns have been launched to raise awareness about the need of preserving the environment and how it should be maintained in order to achieve a healthy environment for a healthy India.

There are also different areas protected as a forest area that is not permitted to be cleared, and it is also ensured that additional trees be produced and that tree cutting is prohibited.

In India, it is believed that if you chop down one tree, you should plant Entry on the tree’s canopy.

Today, everyone in India understands how to preserve the environment, and people are increasingly adopting eco-friendly goods. In addition, the Indian government has prohibited the use of plastic in order to safeguard the environment and aquatic creatures.

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The “nature (essay) pdf” is a short essay that discusses the importance of nature. It was written by Prakriti Samrakshanam, who is an Indian author and environmentalist.

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