It is one of the most anticipated matches in Champions League history, but just how likely is it that Zidane will take over Ronaldo’s position at Real Madrid?

Zidane is the best player on Real Madrid and arguably one of the best players in history. Ronaldo has been at Madrid for a decade but Zinedine says he would take over as captain if asked to do so.The Ballon d’Or chief’s refusal to give Ronaldo his rightful place at the top of the world is seen as disrespectful by many. After winning World Cup 2018, Zidane was quoted saying “Ronaldo doesn’t deserve it.” Will he come back with a bang in 2019?

The “zidane on messi” is a question that has been asked for years. Zidane has never said anything about the possibility of taking over Ronaldo’s mantle.

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