If you’re a fan of the popular video game Call of Duty: Warzone, then you’re probably familiar with the mysterious bunker doors that have been appearing around the game’s map. While the purpose of these doors remains a mystery, some players have begun to uncover clues that suggest they may be linked to a hidden treasure. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the evidence and theories surrounding the Call of Duty: Warzone bunker doors, and see if we can


A series of mystery bunkers may be located throughout the in-game area of the popular video game Call of Duty Warzone. There is a range of loot and deadly weaponry within these bunkers that may assist shift the tide of battle in Warzone. However, despite the fact that many players have attempted to unlock them, they have been unable to do so owing to their sealed doors. That is, until recently, when new upgrades showed how to acquire access and uncover their secrets.

This guide will describe what players must do to solve the puzzle and obtain access to these bunkers. It will explain:

  • Where each bunker is
  • What resources are necessary to open it
  • The prizes within
  • How to effectively utilize those treasures.

Bunker Locations

The mystery of the Bunker Doors in Call of Duty: Warzone has piqued the interest of players. Nobody has been able to go inside them since they were added to Warzone. The Bunker Doors have remained impenetrable after several ideas and efforts by players.

However, there are certain areas that are more likely to bring you to an open Bunker Door. The first place is the Zoo, which can be located on the map legend east of Verdansk’s Power Grid. The Bunker at this site sits under what looks to be an abandoned tank in the middle of the inner enclosure of the zoo. On the map legend, a little island near the northwest tip of Verdansk’s Power Grid is a second site. An active bunker entrance, as well as helicopter crash locations and easter eggs, may be found here.

There have also been rumors that certain players were able to get entrance to these bunkers by completing particular tasks or discovering unseen barriers in specified Verdansk areas. Although it is uncertain how much truth is behind these theories; they do lend fire to discussion regarding how gamers might acquire access to these top-secret areas.

Bunker 11

Bunker 11 is a one-of-a-kind location in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 that can only be reached using Proximity Chat. When you activate the bunker, the doors open to expose a hidden region loaded with rare weaponry, loot, and even exceptional possibilities.

Proximity Communication, a real-time open chat platform embedded into the game, is the only means to get entrance to the bunker. To access Bunker 11 and unlock its contents, users must utilize Proximity Chat to connect with up to twenty-nine other players. If successful, players are offered with awards that would otherwise be inaccessible while playing the game alone or in small lobbies with few people.

The criteria for Proximity Chat in Bunker 11 vary depending on server settings; but in general, all players must stay within a specified radius of one another when linked via proximity chat in order for their efforts to be adequately rewarded once they enter Bunker 11.

Bunker 00

Bunker 00 is a mystery in Call of Duty: Warzone that has yet to be solved. Bunker 00 is one of twelve bunkers that may be opened around Verdansk in the game. While no one knows for certain what awaits gamers within Bunker 00, there are various hypotheses.

According to one notion, bunker 00 may hold a powerful weapon or a new kind of loot that gamers have yet to find. Another idea holds that bunker 00 may provide hints to the location of a hidden character or mission.

At the time of writing, there are various ways for players to unlock the entrance of bunker 00. One approach is to use Proximity Chat, a new feature in Warzone 2.0 that enables players to communicate with one other without actually being in the same room in-game. Unfortunately, it looks that you cannot disable Proximity Chat, which means you will have to suffer all of the chatter while attempting to unlock Bunker 00’s door.

Bunker 12

Bunker 12 is a one-of-a-kind location in Call of Duty Warzone’s Pacific campaign. You will most likely be overlooking some fierce sniper skirmishes between rival teams if you are near the Sakuragi Street Station on the map. Bunker 12 is perfect for snipers since it provides a good view position, but it has one major drawback: it cannot be opened by oneself. You must complete the Bunker Open Call challenge to obtain access to this bunker and many more like it during the Warzone Pacific events. Players will be able to breach Bunker 12 and access its contents after finishing this task.

One of the greatest Bren Loadout builds for Bunker 12 in Warzone focuses on speed and precision while still offering enough heavy weapons and utility choices to maintain a reasonable level of strength while confronting attackers beyond the bunker walls. This loadout should include:

  • A Stoner 27 light machine gun,
  • An AK-117 assault rifle with a foregrip attachment,
  • The newly announced Bruen Mk9 LMG for more damage potential, and
  • An M21 EBR marksman rifle for optimal accuracy while attacking from a distance.

How To Open Bunker Doors

Bunker doors in Call of Duty Warzone have remained a riddle, with gamers unsure how to unlock them. Fortunately, there is a means to unlock these Bunker Doors, but you’ll have to go on an adventure with your squad members to get inside.

To begin, collect codes from three different sites and input them into the computers within the bunkers. These are the following locations: TV Station, Airport, and Lumber Mill. You will be able to access the bunkers’ hidden weaponry after all of the codes have been input into the bunkers’ computers.

You may also utilize Red Access cards that are dropped by defeated foes or buy them with Cash points discovered on Warzone maps. These Red Access cards may be found in loot boxes dropped by slain foes or in unique crates scattered around the area. Once you get them, take them to one of three locations (TV Station, Airport, or Lumber Mill) and put them into a slot by hitting F on your keyboard/controller while standing near it. Once all three slots have been engaged and all Red Access cards have been used up, or if they have not been used, a giant vault door will open, granting access to what lies beyond.

Bunker 11

Bunker 11 is one of the mysterious and well guarded bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone’s open environment. Players that successfully penetrate Bunker 11 have access to a plethora of goodies like as rare and powerful weaponry, cash, contracts, hidden information, and more.

Players will encounter heavy resistance from various teams seeking to gain control of the bunker, thus it’s critical to have a well-rounded loadout and plan prepared before entering Bunker 11. To obtain an advantage over your opponents, you must have excellent weapon attachments like as suppressors, longer magazines, and laser sights. Additionally, having a Smoke Grenade or two on hand might assist disguise your movement while within the bunker, allowing you to reach particular spots ahead of other players. Finally, possessing Perks like Kill Chain or Double Time might definitely help you out if you end yourself in a gunfight within Bunker 11.

Bunker 00

Bunker 00 may be found in the far south of Warzone’s huge map, The Caldera. This is one of the few spots where experienced players have reported multiple issues. Bunker 00 is particularly enigmatic since it stays locked even after unlocking several of the other bunkers throughout the game. One problem has current gamers questioning how – or if – they will ever be able to enter Bunker 00.

When trying to access Bunker 00, the issue results in the appearance of a floating, glitched vehicle. After a few seconds, gamers are transferred back outside the bunker; no one has ever successfully used this exploit to gain entrance to Bunker 00 until today. Experienced gamers have lately found a technique to enter Bunker 00 and obtain access to its contents, however they still don’t sure what’s within.

Bunker 12

Bunker 12 is one of the most enigmatic bunkers on the Call of Duty Warzone map. Fans have theorized about its existence for a long time, but it wasn’t until lately that gamers were able to acquire access to it. Bunker 12 was accessible through an unstable glitched door in the Caldera region that could only be opened by hurling a C4 or RPG at it.

Inside Bunker 12 are multiple computers as well as other objects and weaponry, with some gamers assuming that these things have anything to do with the Warzone map’s mysteries. There are also speculations that an Easter Egg is concealed within Bunker 12, however this has yet to be proven.

What’s Inside The Bunkers

For weeks, players have been speculating about what lies beyond the bunker doors in Call of Duty Warzone. While some have speculated that the bunkers hold rare weaponry and other expensive stuff, Activision has been mum until now.

The bunkers may only be entered using an unique keycard located in random spots around the Warzone map. When the door is opened, players are met with a variety of strong weaponry, unusual supply drops, and even vehicles that may be utilized to fast explore the battlefield. Each bunker also has loot boxes with cosmetic items like as outfits and insignia that may be used to personalize one’s character.

In conclusion, numerous undiscovered riches await Call of Duty Warzone gamers who boldly delve beneath the bunker doors. It is certain to provide players an exciting new method to engage with the game environment and gain an advantage over their opponents during online battles.

Bunker 11

Bunker 11 is an underground bunker in Call of Duty Warzone’s Verdansk map. It was originally launched on April 8, 2020, during a strange open call. Bunker 11 has various mysteries and incentives for gamers who discover it. The major prize is the “Invisibility” skin, which when donned renders you invisible to foes, however it is unknown how long the effect lasts or how to gain the item itself.

Supply boxes, which provide players loot and weaponry, and data discs, which can be used to open doors and get access to hidden regions and quests, are among the other goodies discovered in Bunker 11. Bunker 11 remains a mystery, but those who discover its secrets will be rewarded with extraordinary gifts:

  • The “Invisibility” skin.
  • Supply boxes.
  • Data discs.

Bunker 00

Bunker 00 is a mystery bunker in Call of Duty Warzone that may be reached via an open call. Players that get entry to it will be rewarded with strong loot and varied equipment.

Bunker 00 is the only bunker in Warzone that needs skins to enter; all other bunkers utilize conventional keypads. Bunker 00 skins are three distinct character skins featured in the game: Baker, D-Dog, and The Demon. To disclose a hidden route going inside Bunker 00, any of these three skins must be donned and brought to the open call site.

Once inside, players must make their way through the dark passages until they reach the finish, where they will be awarded with unique weapons and goods that will assist them in winning their battle.

Bunker 12

Bunker 12 is an important location in the video game Call of Duty Warzone. Bunker 12, located on a snow-covered mountainside, sparked outrage when it abruptly opened on April 7th, 2020. Players immediately discovered that the bunker needed a special skin to enter, and those who possessed it gained access to hidden places and loot.

The unusual skin rendered players “invisible” to the bunker’s security cameras, granting them access to rich warzone loot and even unlocking ancient passwords. Because the skin is random, no one knows what will turn them invisible and open the last door. Players must just hope that something exceptional is discovered when searching through boxes or unlocking codes spread around Warzone, since no one knows what these goods are.

The Mystery Behind The Bunkers

The mystery behind the bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone has piqued the interest of players and enthusiasts alike. The bunkers are strewn across the area and can only be accessed with one of nine unique codes that are created at random each time a new game begins. Because the codes vary with each game, players must attempt all nine combinations before they may access the bunker, which consumes important battle time.

Since its inclusion in the famous battle royale game, players have been attempting to unearth the mysteries hidden under these bunkers. Although it was once assumed that its only function was to give a location for players to get new weapons or things, it is now believed that these bunkers also hold hidden objects, information, and even Easter eggs. Some of these bunkers may even be linked to prior installations in the Call of Duty series.

Unlocking these mystery doors may ultimately provide players an advantage in battle by granting them access to strong weapons and other special things that can help them win matches, or they may just hold something entertaining. But for the time being, we’ll have to wait and discover what’s beyond each unlocked door.


For months, gamers have been enthralled by the mystery of the open Call of Duty Warzone bunker doors. It was ultimately found after several individuals tried and failed to locate the answer. It seems that all you need are three secret codes, one inside each bunker door, and a red access card. You can finally access the secret vault full with loot with these items.

It was a long trip to solve the enigma of the open warzone bunker doors. Players now have a higher chance than ever before of acquiring better loot. It will be intriguing to see what new problems gamers may face in the near future.

Call of Duty Warzone bunker doors open and bring more mystery

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