Computer viruses are no joke, and they can mess up your computer something bad. And if you’re not careful, the virus may spread to other people’s computers. If you want to keep your computer safe from viruses you have to clean it every now and then.

Viruses usually get into your computer through attachments in e-mails, downloads on the web, or by plugging in infected CDs or memory sticks. Sometimes you can’t even tell if your computer is infected because a virus can lie dormant until you do something that triggers it. This is called a “time bomb.”

How often should I clean my computer?

It’s a good idea to give your computer a deep-clean at least once a month, and you should do a regular maintenance-clean weekly. If you don’t clean it that often, the performance of your computer will start to decline rapidly as all of that digital dust builds up.

If you want to keep your computer really clean, you should replace any fans or air filters at least every six months. This goes for desktop computers and laptops. If you’re using a laptop, you should also get it cleaned inside once every three months because laptops are harder to maintain due to their size and portability. What products do you recommend for cleaning my computer?

What can i use to remove thermal paste?

We recommend compressed air duster, monitor wipes, and anti-static cloths to remove dust. For cleaning hard to reach places you should use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. We do not recommend using paper towels or tissues because they are too abrasive. Also please never use detergents or ammonia-based cleaners on your computer’s exterior. And please don’t spray anything into your computer’s fan!

How do I maintain my anti-static wrist strap?

First off, you should never wear an anti-static wrist strap while doing any work inside your computer because it can be deadly to your PC if something happens. If you get a shock from the monitor or the computer’s case, that’s fine because there is no current going through your anti-static wrist strap. But if you accidentally touch a bare wire in your computer and then touch the metal part of a static wrist strap, it will be conducting electricity and it could fry your motherboard. If you’re working inside your computer you should only wear an anti-static wrist strap for the half-hour or so that you are working on it. If your anti-static wrist strap is giving you problems, the first thing you should do is check to make sure all of its connections are secure. And if it isn’t an anti-static wrist strap you’re trying to clean, then just use soap and water.

Most of my keys on my keyboard aren’t working, what should i do?

It’s probably just some dirt stuck under the key. Use a Q-tip to apply some rubbing alcohol and then use it to clean the dirt out from under each key. You may need to do this more than once before all of the dirt is gone. And if you took your keyboard apart to do this, please put it back together before plugging it in.

How do I maintain my monitor?

You should clean your monitor on a regular basis to keep dust and fingerprints off of the screen. We recommend using special monitor wipes, but standard anti-static cloths will also work fine.

What’s the best way to clean my laptop?

Laptops tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time, and they’re harder to clean because of their size. You should use compressed air duster or monitor wipes on your laptop screens and keyboards. If you feel like giving it a deep-clean, you can open up your computer and use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean between the keys and on the vents. But please never spray any kind of liquid directly into your laptop!

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