How to Fix the Battle Pass Tokens Not Showing Bug in Call of Duty:

If you’re having trouble with the Battle Pass tokens not appearing in Call of Duty: Warzone, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s a bug that’s been affecting a lot of players, but there’s a simple fix.


The Call of Duty Battle Pass Tokens Not Showing Issue is a particularly vexing bug that may occur at any moment while playing the game. This glitch may make completing Challenges and unlocking prizes from the Battle Pass system difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, there are several simple actions you may take to resolve this problem when it happens.

The fundamental procedures are to:

  • Check for game updates
  • Troubleshoot your connection and ensure that your console is correctly connected to the internet
  • Restart your console
  • Validate your license upon startup

If everything else fails, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the game itself.

These instructions should assist you in rapidly resolving this problem so that you may continue playing with all of the available Battle Pass prizes.

Causes of the Bug

The Call of Duty Battle Pass Tokens Not Showing Bug is a common problem that affects users on all platforms. An issue in the game’s networking code causes the problem while trying to sync account progress and prizes across devices.

This may occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • An unstable or sluggish internet connection
  • Server communication difficulties
  • Wrong settings on the user’s console or PC

As a result, before trying to resolve the problem, make sure that all systems and connections are up to current. Furthermore, some gamers may encounter the problem if their login data has gotten corrupted or if their account was recently moved from one platform to another without correctly updating all of their user information.

Players will be more able to tackle any difficulties they may experience if they understand the sources of the bug.

Corrupt game files

One probable reason of difficulty obtaining the Fennec 45 in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 is corrupt game data. Some players have reported that the battle pass tokens do not appear while picking a weapon, suggesting that there is a problem with your game files.

To resolve this, you need validate your game files. To begin, run your launcher and choose the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 icons. After you’ve opened it, go to the Options” tab in the bottom left-hand corner and click “Verify,” which will look for any damaged or missing game files that could be causing this problem. After scanning your system, it should begin downloading any further files required to fix the game. After that, restart your program and attempt unlocking the Fennec 45 as usual.

Outdated game version

One of the most popular Battle Passes, the Battlepass tokens not appearing problem, is a bug affecting Call of Duty. This problem is often triggered by using an out-of-date version of the game. The game’s creators are continually providing new updates, and if you’re using an old version, you won’t be able to see your freshly acquired tokens accurately.

Users may simply resolve this problem by upgrading the game to the most recent version. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, just start the appropriate Games and Apps menu, go to the “Call of Duty” game tile, pick “Update”, and then click “Install Now” when requested. It is advised that PC users check Steam or other connected launchers for available updates and install them if they are available.

Corrupt game cache

If the battle pass tokens do not appear in the game, this is most likely due to a corrupted game cache. To resolve this issue, gamers must first check the integrity of their Warzone 2.0 files through Steam. To do so, right-click the game in your Steam library and choose Properties > Local Data > Check the Game Cache. This will check your computer for all Warzone 2.0 files and replace any that are corrupted or missing.

When the verification is finished, gamers should resume their game to see whether their battle pass tokens have shown. If they still do not appear after restarting, users should attempt:

  • Reinstalling or upgrading Warzone 2.0 through Steam
  • Obtaining any new patches or updates for the game from the game’s official website or other online sources.


The Battle Pass tokens not appearing fault in Call of Duty: Warzone may be pretty vexing, but happily, there are a few workarounds available.

  • The first option is to look through the in-game shop. If the tokens do not appear after signing in, they will usually appear when you enter the in-game shop.
  • If that fails, try restarting your game or console and logging back in.
  • You may also try removing cloud saves for your profile and re-enabling them after login back in. This requires the game to reconnect to the server and should restore your lost tokens and other stuff.
  • Finally, if none of these alternatives work, you may need to contact Activision Customer Support for more help.

Verify game files

Verifying game files is a necessary step in resolving the problem with missing Battle Pass Tokens in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2. This procedure ensures that the game is not corrupted and that all files are in proper order.

To validate game files, use the Launcher and go to the Games & Apps section “tab on the menu on the left. Then, from your list of installed games, pick Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0” or Modern Warfare 2,” and then click Verify “in the dropdown menu next to it. After completing this step, rebooting your computer should enable you to obtain TAQ-56 and other battle pass prizes properly in Warzone 2.0 or Modern Warfare 2, therefore ending this glitch.

Update game version

The most critical step in resolving the Battle Pass Tokens not appearing problem in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is to update the game version. This update will include several bug fixes and enhancements, including the inclusion of a new TAQ-56 loadout. The TAQ-56 is a fully automatic rifle with a fast rate of fire and excellent accuracy, making it suited for medium to close range fighting. With its tremendous mobility and low recoil, even gamers with low skill levels will have a lot of fun bringing down adversaries with this weapon.

Along with this loadout, there are other formidable configurations that can be used; but this one is widely regarded as the finest for Warzone 2.0’s current meta. Updating your game version and testing with various weaponry and perks will guarantee that your Battle Pass Tokens appear quickly.

Delete game cache

Delete the game cache is one of the most efficient ways to repair the battle pass tokens not appearing problem in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. This method ensures that any faulty files or data saved in your system are removed and replaced with clean files and data, which may assist with a variety of problems, including this one.

Follow these methods to erase your game cache:

  1. Open the Start menu and enter “Run” into the search field.
  2. Enter %temp% into the text box that opens.
  3. Locate and remove any files associated with Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 from your computer. Short keys like ALT+F4 may be required.
  4. When done, restart your computer and attempt loading Warzone 2.0 again.

You should now be able to resolve any difficulties with tokens not appearing in Warzone 2.0, as well as any other possible flaws you may have experienced when attempting to play the game, by removing game cache.


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass tokens not appearing glitch is a vexing problem for gamers, particularly those looking to level up or access new weapons and content. This fault is most likely caused by wrong game settings, corrupt storage files, or a game/console compatibility issue.

To resolve the issue, the player must:

  • Restart their machine
  • Check the game’s settings to ensure that everything is properly configured
  • Erase their damaged storage files and reinstall the game if needed

With these procedures, the player should be able to enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare without worrying about any more annoying issues.

CoD MW2: How To Fix Battle Pass Tokens Not Showing Bug

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