If you’re having trouble opening supply drops in Call of Duty: Warzone’s DMZ, you’re not alone. Many players are reporting the same issue, and it’s preventing them from getting the loot they need to survive.

Luckily, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help you get back into the action.


Troubleshooting CoD Warzone: DMZ and Supply Drops is a resource for those who are experiencing difficulty opening supply drops and troubleshooting the game. This guide is intended to assist users understand why they are experiencing problems with the game and how to get it running again.

It goes through subjects including:

  • Resetting your network settings
  • Creating a DMZ
  • Utilizing port forwarding
  • Validating the integrity of your game
  • Diagnosing difficulties
  • Operating in compatibility mode

It also teaches users how to improve the game’s performance and graphical settings for best results. This book is an excellent resource for any Warzone player looking to maximize their gameplay experience.

What is CoD Warzone DMZ?

The De-Militarized Zone (DMZ), sometimes known as a De-Militarized Zone, is a network configuration feature in CoD Warzone that permits unlimited access to particular ports and IP addresses in order to ensure the game works smoothly.

It is particularly useful in instances when users are experiencing supply drops and latency spikes owing to a shortage of resources at their end. By setting DMZ, you enable your router or firewall to send all traffic from that port directly via the router rather than through a firewall. This reduces latency and significantly enhances your gaming experience by providing additional resources to your device.

Enabling DMZ also eliminates any limitations established by your router/firewall that may be preventing particular activities in Warzone from occuring, such as:

  • Opening supply drops
  • Utilizing specific game modes

Symptoms of Supply Drop Issues

Troubleshooting CoD Warzone DMZ: Supply Drops Won’t Open& More is a detailed guide that addresses a variety of concerns with the access and opening of Supply Drops in Call of Duty Warzone. This article is designed to assist players in understanding the different indicators, what causes them, and how to deal with them. Symptoms include supplies that do not open when players click on them, supply drops that do not spawn, and crashes that occur when players click on a supply drop inside the game.

Long connection times, latency spikes, sluggish menus while picking an item, and trouble joining games or completing tasks are all common symptoms. These problems might be caused by a variety of factors, including a bad internet connection, wrong firewall settings, damaged game files, obsolete drivers, and incorrectly loaded updates. Before performing any troubleshooting procedures, players should confirm that their devices are running the newest version of CoD Warzone DMZ to guarantee that any problems are handled with promptly and effectively.

Can’t open supply drops

If players in Call of Duty Warzone are unable to open supply drops, it is most likely due to the effects of the Orc’s activities. In Warzone, players that assault an Orc-controlled zone will be subjected to a “supply drop lockout,” which stops them from receiving any supply drops while in the affected region. This lockdown also affects any other players nearby, stopping them from receiving any supply drops. The Orcs’ weapons are strong enough to prohibit anybody from obtaining their treasure or resources, and this lockdown will stay in effect until the Orc troops are fully annihilated.

To overcome this barrier and obtain access to treasure and resources, players must slay all Orcs in a certain region before trying to open any supply drops.

Supply drops not appearing

Supply drops are a key feature in the Call of Duty Warzone game, enabling players to get guns and other supplies that they would not have otherwise. Unfortunately, supply drops may not always display as planned, and many players are unable to open them when they attempt.

The Orcs’ activities are most likely to blame for the problem. The Orcs have deliberately tampered with supply drop places, stopping some from appearing and others from opening. This is part of their strategy to upset the game’s power balance and prevent other players from obtaining the goods they need.

The Orcs must be stopped by accomplishing different objectives throughout the game in order for supply drops to materialize. Once implemented, this should enable frequent supply drop appearances, enabling players to get much-needed weapons and materials from them rather than always battling with a shortage of them.

Causes of Supply Drop Issues

Supply Drop difficulties in Call of Duty Warzone may arise for a number of causes. When a user is playing with colleagues from various areas, the most typical reason is when the game connection is disrupted owing to an unreliable internet connection. Other possible reasons include being disconnected from the game’s server, playing outdated or corrupted games, or using an unsuitable device.

Server-side difficulties such as poor network speed, latency spikes, packet loss, and other networking issues may also create Supply Drop concerns. Furthermore, Supply Drops may be unavailable on systems that do not support Call of Duty Warzone.

To remedy Supply Drop difficulties, make sure your device fulfills the game’s minimal requirements, check your internet connection to ensure it’s reliable and fast enough for online gaming sessions, and avoid playing with individuals from different areas.

Server issues

Server difficulties are often the root cause of inability to access Supply Drops and orders in Call of Duty Warzone. The easiest approach to address server troubles is to erase your game’s cache, hard reset your console, and then restart it. If the problem persists, try emptying your console’s DNS cache as well. Aside from that, it may be preferable to contact Activision customer service for help with server-related issues.

It’s also conceivable that the issue stems from corrupted or missing game files. If this is the case, you will need to restore and reinstall Call of Duty Warzone from the Marketplace on your console, as well as download any updates. When fixing server connection difficulties in any online multiplayer game, reinstalling often helps.

Network connection

A poor network connection is a crucial element that may lead to problems in Call of Duty Warzone, such as the inability to open supply drops. If network connections are irregular or unprotected, the game has been known to encounter technical troubles. If the game identifies an unstable signal, it may result in slowness, packet loss, and other in-game issues.

Players should check the signal strength of their router or internet service provider, as well as their connection settings, to guarantee a solid connection while playing Warzone online. Gamers should also check their firewall settings to ensure they have access to Warzone’s servers and other gaming services.

If issues remain after these measures, gamers may need to:

  • Connect through a new Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Change router channels for better reception.

Outdated game files

One of the most frequent reasons you may be unable to activate Supply Drops in Call of Duty Warzone DMZ is that your game files have gotten out of current. This may be caused by a variety of factors, including server outages, game patches and upgrades, and more.

If your game files are out of current, you may encounter a conflict with the Warzone servers, preventing you from accessing Supply Drops. To resolve this problem, ensure that your game files are up to date and that any temporary game data kept on your device has been removed. If everything else fails, try restarting your Warzone client or completely reinstalling the game.

Solutions to the Supply Drop Issues

The Supply Drop problems in Call of Duty Warzone may be resolved in a number of ways. One method is to attempt to open supply drops as soon as they appear on the map, since this may often cure the problem. Another option is to restart your console or PC before trying to reopen them. If it doesn’t work, try deleting your cache and restoring your console or PC to factory settings.

Additionally, if you’re playing with a group, check sure everyone has the same version of Warzone loaded and that all consoles or PCs are properly connected before trying to open the supply drops. Finally, before opening any Supply Drops in-game, ensure that all players’ NAT types are appropriately established.

Check server status

Checking server status is essential for effectively troubleshooting Call of Duty Warzone’s DMZ issues. You’ll need access to the in-game settings, which you can get by hitting the ▭ button on your controller. Select the Network tab and search for “Building 21”. This will inform you whether or not the servers are having connection difficulties and will allow you to troubleshoot further from there.

If Building 21 reports that all services are operational, it is most probable that there is an internet connection issue either in your network or with your game console. In this instance, rebooting your console and router may be beneficial.

Restart the game

When resolving any problem with Call of Duty Warzone, it is critical to restart the game. This will often alleviate any difficulties you may be experiencing, such as being unable to access supply drops.

To restart the game, just pick Building 21 from the home screen menu. You will then see a “Restart” option, which will enable you to reload all settings and hopefully fix your problem.

Remember that if this does not address your problem, it is probable that something else is causing it, and you may need to contact Activision Support for more help.

Update the game files

Before commencing any troubleshooting step, make sure your game files are up to date. New updates and patches must be deployed on a regular basis to stay up with the ever-changing circumstances of Call of Duty Warzone.

The simplest method to do this is to ensure that you have an active internet connection and begin the game with that connection active. Simply hitting start on the game icon on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One should trigger a check for a new update if one is available. Navigate to the ‘J’ Menu on your PC and click update“. After completing these instructions, restart your console before proceeding.

Check your network connection

The ping command should be used to confirm that your network connection is working properly. The ping command is used to test a network connection between two devices. It transmits a data packet from one computer or device to another and timing how long it takes for the packet to return. This is referred to as a “ping,” and it may be used to determine how responsive a computer or device’s connection is.

If the ping is low, it means that the two computers are communicating well, and it will be much simpler for you to join and play online games like Call of Duty: Warzone. If your ping is high, it may signal that there are issues with your network connection that must be resolved before you can play online games efficiently.


Finally, if you’re having trouble launching Supply Drops in CoD Warzone, the best thing to do is attempt the following steps:

  1. Clear your cache.
  2. Restart your router or modem.
  3. Ensure that your console or computer is connected to the internet through a wired connection.

If none of these techniques work, your ISP or router may be limiting access to certain ports. If this is the case, you may try configuring a DMZ on your router to ensure that no traffic enters or exits your network.

With these steps in mind, you should be able to resolve any difficulties with launching Supply Drops and return to the game.

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