The latest Halo Infinite Battle Pass for 2018/2019 has just been released. The first BETA version is now live, and it looks like the developers have realized that players are getting bored of playing the same game over and over again…

The “halo infinite xp” is a new feature that allows players to gain more experience points. The “Battle Pass” increases the amount of XP gained with each level up.

Halo Infinite's Battle Pass increases XP gains


343 Industries is striving to respond as swiftly as possible to various concerns concerning Halo Infinite’s battle pass and advancement system. It hasn’t been long since 343 Industries released Match XP in a recent update, but the developer isn’t done yet! Players will gain more experience points for their daily games as part of the most recent upgrade to the games progression system.

Last night, community manager John Junyszek came to Twitter to recognize previous battle pass concerns and describe the upcoming adjustments.

We discovered that players were beginning their sessions with slower rewards than we’d like after viewing how XP was gained with those improvements. To solve this, the XP payout for the first six matches of each day will be increased. The following is a summary of this update:

30 November 2021 — John Junyszek (@Unyshek) The Battle Pass upgrade for Halo Infinite has been announced by John Junyszek.

The concept behind the new system is that you get more XP if you play the first six matches of the day. For playing their first match, players will gain 300 XP, 200 XP for playing their second match, and 100 XP for playing their fourth, fifth, and sixth match. Any subsequent matches will get you 50 XP. Players will be able to achieve a full level every day by finishing six matches (each Battle Pass level requires 1000 XP) These six matches used to offer you 300 XP as a foundation, but now they give you 1000 XP. Fans will find it much simpler to rank up their Battle Pass with this adjustment. This is a refreshing difference.

Halo Infinite's Battle Pass increases daily XP gains 343 Industries – Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Although this does not address current issues with weekly tasks, Junyszek promises that additional modifications will be done. As someone who has criticized the advancement system, I believe a daily combat pass level guarantee is a fantastic start!


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The “halo infinite battle pass carry over” is a feature that has been added to the Halo Infinite game. This feature increases XP gains as players level up.

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