How To Use PDS in Warzone: A New Field Upgrade Explained

If you’re wondering how to use the PDS in Warzone, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain what the PDS is and how you can use it to your advantage in battle.

Where to find PDS in Warzone

The PDS Personal Defense System is a new Field Upgrade introduced in Season 5 of Warzone. It enables players to employ an in-game deployable shield to provide additional protection as they navigate across the battlezone.

The PDS may be acquired at one of the loadout stations dispersed over the map, which can be distinguished by their blazing yellow light. Players must have enough cash on hand before arriving at one of the loadout stations to buy the PDS. Once bought, it will be available in-game from the Field Upgrades portion of a player’s loadout screen. Furthermore, any gear that needs unlocking via challenges or contracts will display here for easy access throughout a battle.

How to use PDS in Warzone

In Call of Duty Warzone, the PDS is a new Field Upgrade weapon attachment. It operates by using a cloud of smoke to subdue foes in the region. When used, the PDS will form a circle around the user, suppressing all adversaries inside it until they escape the range of the smokescreen. This circle is around 25 meters in diameter, making it very potent for both attacking and defensive playstyles.

Once launched, foes within its range will have their aim interrupted and their health regeneration will be considerably hindered, enabling you to take advantage of favourable situations during fight. The PDS may be obtained at any Buy Station in Warzone and can be deployed for 3 Armor Plates. It is crucial to remember that although PDS might be beneficial, it should be used rarely since it has a lengthy cooldown time after usage.

When used properly, the PDS is a very powerful instrument, so be sure you understand its fundamentals before going into war.

How To Use PDS in Warzone - New Field Upgrade Explained

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