Pro Basketball Leagues

The most elite sports league in the world is finally upon us. With a set of rules and regulations that will make for an action packed experience, we feel we can give you exactly what you’ve been looking for in 2012: world class basketball.

The season will be played out on NBA 2k12 with the latest roster update downloaded prior to the start of the league.

How many basketball leagues are there?

There will be 5 conferences, each with 4 divisions that will all play against one another. The match ups, while seemingly random at first, have been strategically created so that every team in a conference plays each other twice throughout the season and only their divisional foes 3 times. There are 4 games to be played per week on Saturdays at midnight (12:00 AM).

The regular season will last 8 weeks, with tiebreakers if needed to determine playoff seeding. After this, there are two rounds of playoffs (1st round and finals) which last 3 weeks each for a total of 6 weeks. This does not include the draft, witch will be done in a sim fashion rather than live.

The NBA season

The playoffs are important because not only do you want to make sure you get in them, but also who you face once you make it. We’ll go over playoff seeding in our official rules document when it’s done.

There are a total of 8 playoff spots up for grabs, so even if you have an off year it could be possible to make the playoffs depending on what conference/division you play in. The max amount of games anyone will have to play is 16 throughout the course of the season, but again this is dependent upon where your team lands. First round matchups will be best of three, while the later rounds will be a best of seven. If you lose in the first round it’s not the end of the world as you can always fight your way back through free agency to secure another opportunity at getting hot for 4-7 games come next season.

The Euroleague

With this sort of setup it would only make sense that the league champion would be crowned NBA Champion as well. And so it is with great pleasure we announce… The winner of the Finals will also be crowned our League Champion.

This may seem all fun and games, but there are rules! All teams must have a set 5 man rotation at all times. This season we will be using the following rotations:

– 1 Point Guard

– 1 Shooting Guard

– 2 Small Forwards

– 1 Power Forward

– 1 Center/Stretch Big Man (a C who can shoot from downtown)

The Chinese Basketball Association

We will be simulating the season through the use of Sports Media (SM) 2010 . This is what we used last year and it has made for an extremely fun and successful league. Results from each week (besides the playoffs) will then be posted on a website for your viewing pleasure.

The FIBA Liga Endesa

The SM 2010 files will be released at least 24 hours before gametime, so you can do any necessary roster moves prior to the start of the league. This is to avoid tampering and ensure fairness for all. The deadline for making moves will be set in stone prior to the release of this year’s files, so watch out!

The Philippine Basketball Association

Fireteams will be unranked in the regular season. However, once the playoffs begin they will be ranked just like any other team.  Players may only play on one team per conference for the duration of the league. If you are traded, your new team must wait until after week 7 to play you.

-No CPU trading allowed! Human trading, including offline trading is permitted.

-CPU trades that involve draft picks (future or present) are permitted once the season has begun.

-All trades must be approved by commish before they become official–no post game trades please! After a deal is accepted.

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