The Roblox Royale High Halo 2022 Tier List is a list of the best weapons in the game. These are all of the most powerful and capable weapons that can be found on servers with more than 30 players, including those at max rank.

The “royale high halo tier list 2021” is a list of all the best Royale High Halo players from the year 2021. It includes their rank, name and tier.



Halos in Roblox Royale High come in a variety of styles and might cost more Diamonds than you can afford if you wish to trade another player for them. How much do the most costly halos cost in Diamonds? We’re going to go right into it.

Since 2018, players have been able to obtain limited-time halos during events, and a select number have only made their way into the hands of a select few. You may find them on Traderie or Trading Hub for trade, however the price might be exorbitant.

S-Tier Halos in Roblox Royale

2019 Halloween Halo

  • 872 people have access to this page.
  • The cost is 7,000,000 diamonds.

The most valuable and uncommon halo in Roblox Royale High was initially released during the Halloween 2019 event, which also awarded the “Whispering Spirits” badge to the champions.

This halo is surrounded by a little ghost and emits a dazzling purple glow. This halo is now the most in-demand halo on the market, despite the fact that it cannot be customized.

Halo 2020 Velentines

  • There are 2,021 people that own this.
  • The cost is 6,000,000 diamonds.

Because of its exclusivity and fluffy pink design, last year’s Valentines Halo is still in more demand than this year’s.

Due to its consistent market position, several Royale High players believe this halo to be even better than the Halloween one from 2019.

Halo Autumn 2019

  • There are 1,332 people that own this.
  • The cost is 5,200,000 diamonds.

This is the game’s only Autumn-themed halo, since most people would rather concentrate on Halloween events. This is the primary reason for the halo’s high price.

The demand for this halo is quite great, and the price will continue to rise in 2022.

A-Tier Halos are a kind of halo that is made of of

Halo Winter 2019

  • There are 1,707 people that own this.
  • The cost is 5,000,000 diamonds.

This is a popular choice among Royale High players. Despite the fact that there have been many other Winter halos throughout the years, this one continues to command a high price and demand because to its unique design.

Halo of Glistening Light

  • 8,084 people own it.
  • The cost is 4,400,000 diamonds.

Glimmering Light Halo is the very first halo in Roblox Royale High, and older halos don’t sell well on the halo market.

Despite price variations, it remains one of the most sought-after halos in the game.

Halo Mermaid 2019

  • 4,711 people own it.
  • The cost is 4,200,000 diamonds.

There are now three Mermaid halos in Roblox Royale High, all of them are stunning. This initial one, launched in 2019, is still regarded as the greatest and most valuable.

Halo 2021: Valentine’s Day

  • 6,154 people have access to this page.
  • 3,600,000 diamonds at a cost of $3,600,000.00

This is the first customisable halo on our list, and despite lesser demand than the 2020 version, it still maintains a somewhat solid market position.

The Valentines Halo 2021 comes in three variations:

  • Hearts, flourishes, and bows may all be personalized.
  • Floating hearts with ruffles and wings
  • With the addition of the center halo

Halos in the B-Tier

Halo Easter 2019

  • 2,341 people own it.
  • The cost is 3,200,000 diamonds.

Even though it is the only Easter-themed halo in the whole Royale High lineup, it is presently in short supply.

You can still acquire it for a reasonable price online, but don’t anticipate it to go much higher than it is now.

Halo has gone rogue.

  • 7,958 people own it.
  • The cost is 2,500,000 diamonds.

This is one of the game’s oldest halos, having been launched in 2018. Even with its pleasantly gloomy look that sets it unique from the other halos in the game, not many people desire it anymore.

Good luck with Halo 2021!

  • 8,184 people have access to this page.
  • The cost is 2,200,000 diamonds.

The current Lucky Halo had a lot of demand when it first came out, but its value has already depreciated.

The only thing keeping this monster from sinking much lower are its two configurable features:

  • The sun, clovers, and chains
  • Clouds with intricate designs

Halo 2021: Winter

  • 3,000+ users own it.
  • $1,400,000 (USD)

The newest addition to the Royale High halo lineup, which debuted during the Christmas 2021 event, is seen below.

It had a rather high market value at first, but the market was quickly oversaturated with the new Winter halos, and both price and demand dropped dramatically.

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The “royale high halo tier list 2021 twitter” is a tweet that has been circulating throughout the Roblox community. The tweet includes a Tier List of what players believe to be the best Halo maps on Roblox Royale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the high tier halos in Royale high?

A: The highest tier Halo is a Diamond Halo.

What is the most wanted halo in Royale high?

A: The most wanted halo in Royale is the legendary blue, as this is by far the rarest halo and it can only be obtained through completing a certain achievement. If youre looking for a more common Halo to use, we recommend trying out yellow or green.

Why are halos so rare in Royale high?

A: In Royale high, the rarest color is gold.

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