Stop the Hive from using Umbral Engrams

As we have found out from our scientists, Umbral Engrams are indeed the way that the Hive Travel. As seen in previous events, it would seem that they will travel to different spatial locations to gather materials and resources for their plans. In other words, these engrams may be used as a mode of transportation for them. This is why it is important to prevent them from summoning Umbral Engrams.

However, as we have also noticed from our scientists, the Hive will try to summon their Umbral Engrams in crucial spots that will be too difficult for us to destroy. In order to prevent them from summoning their transportation devices and help you heroes out a bit.

How do we stop the Hive from using these Umbral Engrams?

There are a few ways you can attempt to slow down or even stop the Hive’s plans, though they may go unnoticed by players. Ergo, for this article I will also be covering methods on how to find out when they are summoning their engrams in certain areas.

Firstly, one method of preventing the Hive from summoning these Umbral Engrams is to reduce the amount of available Light that these enemies have in an area. To do so you can use any abilities that will bring down your surrounding’s light levels, such as Radiance. You can also use a consumable known as a “Glass Needle” if you’d like to spend some glimmer. These needles can be found from random enemy drops and allow you to reduce the surrounding light by two points.

Secondly, another method of preventing these engrams from being summoned is to kill all Hive members in an area before they can do so. On my testings, I have noticed that when there is one Hive member left in an area it will not be possible for them to summon their engrams.  However, they can still use other methods of teleportation such as using Wormholes or even just walking into the Traveler’s Light.

Thirdly, if you are unable to kill all Hive members in an area before they can summon their Umbral Engrams, then the next best thing that you could do is to reduce your surrounding light levels until there is a single Hive member left. This way, when they attempt to summon their engrams it will fail and there may be a chance for them to get killed afterwards.

What do i do with umbral engrams

The Umbral Engrams that are summoned by the Hive will be located in certain areas of each Patrol. These engrams can easily be identified as they are “bounty” type objects located on top of pedestals. Walking up to these objects will automatically bring you into a mission known as an “Umbral Quest”. On your first attempt of a mission you will only have to kill one Hive member and then the engram will be yours. However, from my testing these missions can change into more difficult tasks such as killing multiple Hive members or protecting an object from being destroyed. In the end these missions all seem to turn out similar in which you will have to defend a certain area from Hive enemies.

Please note that after you have taken the Umbral Engram, it will appear in your inventory under “Quests” as an active mission. This is important to know because the Quest Item cannot be removed or even used while it is an active mission on your character. You can only remove this item by making it a completed quest or by dying.


Thank you very much for reading this article. I hope that it has provided some insight on how to prevent these Hive members from summoning their Umbral Engrams when in Patrol Missions.

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