katy nfts labs p2p mauskharifbloombergKaty Perry, an internationally renowned singer and songwriter, recently made headlines with her decision to acquire a stake in Theta Labs, a live streaming and video-on-demand company.

The singer also announced that she would be launching her range of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Theta Network, a blockchain-powered content delivery platform. Hence, the partnership between the two entities promises to bring about major changes in digital collectibles and blockchain technology.

Overview of Theta Labs

Theta Labs is a technology company on the cutting edge of decentralised software development. For example, we have partnered with Katy Perry to develop world-class applications for mainstream media and entertainment. In addition, we are advancing the blockchain technology field and developing innovative solutions for those wishing to explore the possibilities of a decentralised economy.

Our team comprises computer scientists, software engineers, designers, and finance professionals. Our mission is to create intuitive tools that enable people worldwide to build powerful applications based on blockchain technology. We have focused on creating a platform that simplifies trustless transactions and grants users access to secure, stable networks while eliminating the need for centralised processes or third-party intermediaries.

In addition, we prioritise user experience, scalability, compliance with regulations and standards, and digital security measures to ensure data privacy and integrity in decentralised networks such as Theta Protocol. For example, through our partnership with Katy Perry we are innovating in the digital media space by launching music projects built entirely on smart contracts powered by Theta Labs’ open-source technologies. Furthermore, we strive to build strong relationships with global organisations such as United Nations Digital Exchange Initiative (UNDXI) to further our commitment towards making decentralised technologies accessible for social good initiatives.

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Overview of Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter and actress who rose to fame with her viral hit “I Kissed a Girl” from the album One of the Boys. Her high-energy pop songs and flamboyant image have earned her international acclaim, including four U.S. number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Perry has sold more than 10 million albums and 125 million singles worldwide, making her one of history’s best selling music artists.

She is also known for her fashion-forward style, clever lyrics and colourful stage presence. In 2020, Perry partnered with Theta Labs to launch a new interactive music video platform that leverages blockchain technology and cryptocurrency micropayments called — SuperSocialNet!

The Partnership

Pop superstar Katy Perry recently partnered with Theta Labs, a blockchain-based video streaming network. The two companies have entered into a deal involving the launch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Theta blockchain and an equity stake by Perry in the blockchain-based streaming network.

Further details on the partnership are outlined below.

Overview of the partnership

Theta Labs and global music icon Katy Perry have announced their new partnership, designed to deliver innovative experiences to fans. Under the partnership, Theta Labs has committed to building a product portfolio with exclusive fan experiences powered by cutting-edge streaming technology.

The partnership comes as part of a larger growth strategy at Theta Labs. It marks an exciting time for the company as they move forward from successfully acquiring HTC’s Vive X accelerator. With the collaboration of Katy Perry, Theta Labs will unlock access to deeper engagement with fans at large-scale events and virtual worlds.

The two companies will leverage Theta’s disruptive streaming video tech and special extra-content tools that integrate with creative vision from Katy Perry. Fans can experience unique worlds created specifically for Katy with effects like 3D audio, Matrix realities and cinematic channels enabled by the company’s streaming network.

The partnership reflects continued innovation in live entertainment combining tech, art, development and special effects that recreate an entirely new version of interactive fan experiences.

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Katy Perry Launches NFTs, Acquires Stake in Theta Labs

Theta Labs, a blockchain-powered video streaming platform, has acquired a stake in lifestyle brand company, Rusty Quill Entertainment, owned by Katy Perry. The strategic partnership will primarily focus on creating a global female-driven narrative and connecting users with their favourite content around the globe through uninterrupted streaming experience.

This acquisition follows Perry’s commitment to create a platform that empowers women to use the power of storytelling to shape future generations. With the help of Theta Labs’ advanced technology, this endeavour will reach new heights in immersive storytelling and media distribution with more meaningful experiences for viewers worldwide. Additionally, aspiring filmmakers and content creators in Japan, Southeast Asia, Latin America and India will have access to an online library of various compelling narratives.

The blockchain technology also provides its viewers rewards such as tokens they can collect on their viewing journey based on viewing habits that are kept secure from external threats or hacks. These tokens can then be exchanged for rewards such as rare items or discounts from partnered merchant sites.

With this acquisition and Theta Labs’ technology advancements, both companies are keen on reaching the next level of global media distribution and entertainment experiences for their users. This partnership is also seen as a major milestone for expanding access to digital content across multiple platforms including streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV etc., which further accelerates digital entertainment industry growth trends into 2021 and beyond.

Katy Perry’s launch of NFTs

Theta Labs has partnered with Katy Perry to launch Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Theta blockchain. NFTs are a new digital asset, enabling users to securely buy, trade, and sell virtual goods in a decentralised marketplace. With the launch of her NFTs, Katy Perry is one of the first major artists to create her unique line of digital collectibles available exclusively through Theta’s decentralised platform.

Through this partnership, both companies strive to bring blockchain technology and its advantages to mainstream audiences around the globe. By utilising groundbreaking technology such as Ethereum smart contracts and ipfs file storage system, Theta is introducing secure ways to access rare digital items including images, music, artwork as well as other forms of media directly from creators. Additionally, its decentralised platform prevents double spending issues and allows users to interact with data requests while helping maintain user privacy and prevent identity theft.

The launch combines pieces from Katy Perry’s discography that give fans a unique experience, allowing them ownership over their purchases. Fans can view their collections anytime when utilising Theta’s platform for virtual wallets where their piece is stored safely permanently on the blockchain network. This integration helps break barriers between artist-to-fan interaction which was never previously possible before with other digital platforms such as Spotify or iTunes due to various copyright restraints. Through this partnership Theta Labs is helping artists like Katy Perry reach out directly and confidently with her fans in an entirely new way while also pushing innovation within the entertainment industry worldwide inspired by new paradigms from blockchain technologies.


Global music superstar Katy Perry recently acquired a stake in Theta Labs, a leading decentralised streaming platform. This is the latest move from Perry, who recently launched her NFTs.

This venture mutually benefits both parties, as Perry gains a foothold in the blockchain space while Theta Labs continues to grow its development and reach.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of this partnership and how it will help both sides.

Benefits of the partnership for Theta Labs

The partnership between Theta Labs, a blockchain-based streaming platform powered by Decentralised Video Delivery Network technology, and Katy Perry, an award-winning singer and songwriter, brings several benefits for Theta Labs. These include:

1. Increased Awareness: The partnership with Katy Perry can create further awareness of the platform’s capabilities and increase its user base. In addition to gaining new customers, it will likely lead to increased activity from existing users.

2. Increased Usability: By integrating Katy Perry’s content within the Theta platform, users will benefit from an improved user experience as the content becomes easier to access and view due to its proximity within the tech stack.

3. Expanded Distribution: As a result of this partnership, more potential viewers can become exposed to both video streams and blockchain technology due to increased availability of products on multiple platforms (mobile devices, PCs etc). This expanded distribution can ultimately lead to increased adoption rates both about the platform and blockchain technology on a broader scale.

4. Better Service Quality: By bringing in new talent such as big-name stars like Katy Perry into Theta’s network, brands benefit from improved service quality due to their presence on the platform bringing about essential boosts in viewership numbers which help validate quality ratings for them and many other features including live events that third parties can use or capitalise off from within their apps or sites through integration with their system APIs .

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Benefits of the partnership for Katy Perry

Katy Perry stands to benefit significantly from this partnership with Theta Labs. This groundbreaking collaboration puts Katy Perry on the forefront of technological pioneering, leading the charge in virtual and augmented reality to bring her fans a truly immersive experience.

As the first musician to attempt this endeavour, Katy Perry will gain a unique edge on her competitors by establishing herself as a trailblazer. Theta Labs also offers unmatched creative freedom, providing Katy Perry with complete control over all aspects of design and development. With their support and resources, she can express herself without limits while challenging the status quo in music and entertainment technology.

Moreover, this partnership allows Katy Perry’s fans worldwide to connect with her and each other on an entirely new level that is impossible through traditional mediums. They can truly enter the world of Katy’s imagination and directly interact with each other through their shared experiences. This offers an unprecedented opportunity for long-term engagement between artist and fan that will only deepen as both parties continue progressing in their mission together.

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