Activision and Infinity Ward have released Warzone 2.0, which adds a number of new features and changes to the popular battle royale game. One of the biggest changes is the addition of three new armor plates that can be found and equipped. Here’s how to unlock them quickly.

How To Get Three Armor Plates in Warzone 2.0

Armor plates are a key resource in Warzone 2.0 that may be utilized to shield oneself from hostile fire. Fortunately, there are a few options for fast obtaining three armor plates.

Using the Special Armor Crate is the quickest method to get three armor plates. These crates appear at random around the map and are distinguished by their orange light and SPC™ emblem. When you open a crate, you will get three armor plates that you may use right away or save in your inventory for later use.

Another method to get three armor plates is to spend in-game credits on them. Plate bundles may be purchased from Armourers situated around the world, and each bundle contains three armor plates that you can equip instantly or keep for later use.

Finally, armour components may be found spread over the terrain, concealed behind crates, containers, and other items in the environment. These components, however, may not always appear in the same location since they spawn randomly over the area, so it may take some time to locate them all.

Option 1 Loot

Option 1 is to plunder Warzone 2.0 for Armor Plates. This entails looking for Armor Plates at predefined spots on the map. These may be obtained by going to different supply boxes scattered around the game. Once opened, they may contain an Armor Plate that may be utilized to immediately equip additional body armor.

Depending on the size of the level and its supply boxes, this may need searching many places or even returning to previously visited regions in order to obtain a complete set of three Plate pieces. Furthermore, certain sites have a larger probability of containing an Armor Plate than others, so you should plan your trip properly to optimize your chances of success.

Option 2 Safecracker Contracts

Completing Safecracker Contracts is the second fastest method to obtain three armor plates in Warzone 2.0. These Contracts include obtaining certain weapons and materials in specific places, which are generally in regions teeming with opposing players. To accomplish these Contracts, you must discover their cache boxes and rummage inside for the needed weapon or item. You will get three new armor plates as a prize if all of the goods have been acquired or if the Contract expires before it can be finished.

The benefits of employing this strategy include:

  • A possible faster completion time than Option 1.
  • A higher likelihood of success if you can locate critical places with strong adversary concentrations.
  • Completing these contracts is also a fascinating challenge for anybody searching for something more out of their Warzone experience.

Option 3 Strongholds

Capturing and holding a Stronghold is the third method for swiftly acquiring three armor plates in Warzone 2.0. Strongholds are strategic sites distributed around the landscape that teams may conquer and control. Each Stronghold grants your squad armor plates and other one-time benefits the first time it is seized, and then grants respawn tickets every few seconds afterwards.

In order for these perks to continue, your team must maintain its presence in the Stronghold, thus you must be careful in defending it. To take a Stronghold, your squad must remain within a line of sight of the site until the countdown runs out. When it happens, you’ll have successfully claimed the Stronghold and are awarded with armor plates.

Warzone 2.0: How To Get Three Armor Plates

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