Elden Ring’s red and blue circles have been a source of speculation and debate since they were first spotted on the game’s website. Here’s a closer look at what they could mean.


From Software’s Elden Ring is a highly anticipated game. The game’s cryptic red and blue circles have now been revealed as a new feature. In this post, we’ll look at what these rings signify, what ideas exist, and how they could impact the Elden Ring experience.

The two circles seem to have magical or spiritual importance in the universe of the game. Several common ideas indicate that the red circle represents an area of strong power or perhaps a secret regarding the narrative of Elden Ring, whilst the blue circle represents an area where various avenues open up for players to explore throughout their investigation. Furthermore, these circles are supposed to impact how players pick their narrative courses and interact with NPCs in numerous ways.

There are several hypotheses as to what these mystery circles may represent, but one thing is certain: they will bring a distinct twist to the already detailed story that Elden Ring has in store for players.

Red Circles

The Elden Ring Red Circles are a cryptic symbol present in the game’s trailer and across the universe. These red circles seem to be tied to Greirat of The Undead Settlement’s in-game Elden Ring Story. The symbols seem to be linked to both great power and forbidden knowledge – something that has the potential to damage far more than just the kingdom of Lothric.

The Red Circle seems to designate major sites such as fortresses and shrines that provide access to powerful weapons, abilities, or secrets; anything that is either strongly guarded by opponents or impossible to obtain through usual ways. It is uncertain if this is directly tied to the Elden Ring or whether it was present in all parts of the game world prior to its demise. Whatever the relationship is, one thing is certain: revealing these ancient truths and the abilities connected with them will need a bold spirit and an unwavering passion to knowledge.

What are the red circles?

The red circles shown in the Elden Ring teaser have sparked a lot of conjecture. Upon closer study, it seems that these two circles reflect two separate gaming sessions. The two unique hues inside the circles, red and blue, indicate that one gaming session would be in red and another in blue.

This implies that Warzone split screen is accessible for individuals who wish to play on one console with friends or family members. Allowing split screen play allows players to compete more intensely since each participant is confined to what is displayed on their own screen. Warzone has also integrated split-screen chat features that include cross-platform voice communication amongst players who are not playing on the same console to add to the realism.

What do they signify?

Elden Ring’s red and blue circles are a crucial aspect of the puzzle-solving technique. When you move your character around a certain region, the circles will create a pattern that suggests the sort of solution you need to continue forward. The red and blue circles indicate several sorts of solutions, with the red indicating a physical solution and the blue signifying a magical one.

For example, if you come across a physical impediment, such as a wall, the red circle will signal that you must find another route or use an item to overcome it. If, on the other hand, a magical barrier is impeding your progress, you’ll need to find out which spells can shatter it, which is where the blue circle symbol comes in.

Advanced Solutions are also more difficult puzzles that need players to figure out what objects they need as well as any extra knowledge they may require to complete them. Developers may build really unique and interesting puzzle-solving experiences for players by combining these two approaches of puzzle-solving.

How to use them?

The red and blue circles of Elden Ring are a significant component in Warzone 2. Your team may obtain strong prizes or benefits by activating these circles throughout a match. However, in order to enjoy the most advantages, it is critical to learn how to employ them strategically.

The red circle indicates the location of a concealed β€œred zone”; this region will be under fire at certain points during the battle and may inflict substantial damage on any players in its proximity. To make the most of the red circle, teams must be aware of when it will activate and prepare appropriately, either avoiding or adequately preparing for its impacts.

When engaged, blue circles, on the other hand, present players with exceptional incentives such as extra experience points or greater weapon damage. When teams activate these circles, they risk revealing their whereabouts to their opponents. Activating blue circles at appropriate points in combat may provide teams an advantage, therefore time is crucial when employing them successfully.

Blue Circles

Blue circles are a reoccurring theme in the forthcoming Elden Ring game. These enigmatic blue circles may be found throughout the game and are linked to the bigger plot. They come in all forms and sizes, from brilliant blue spheres floating over ruins to bizarrely symmetrical rings made out of concentric lines. Some look to be portals, while others appear to be connected to powerful items or personalities in the game world.

The blue circles might alternatively signify ancient magic or a portal to other realities for gamers. The significance of these cryptic symbols is unknown, making them both interesting and appealing.

What are the blue circles?

The blue circles may be seen in pictures and gameplay clips for the forthcoming video game Elden Ring. These blue circles indicate the game’s world’s bonfires, which are identical to those featured in Dark Souls. Bonfires are game checkpoints where players may rest, restore health, and save their progress. They also provide the ability to improve weapons and armor as well as cure wounds.

When the character approaches a campfire, a red circle appears underneath it, indicating that the character is in range to interact with the blaze. When engaging with the blaze, the blue circle will spread outward, enabling players to utilize it for healing or other reasons. These two circles, red and blue, indicate how near a player is to a particular campfire.

What do they signify?

The strange π—₯𝗲𝗱 and π—•π—Ήπ˜‚π—² circles discovered across Elden Ring’s breathtaking surroundings are intriguing symbols that hint to the game’s lore? Unfortunately, the solution isn’t apparent yet. However, we can make some informed predictions based on our prior experience with FromSoftware’s games and the clues revealed in Elden Ring’s trailers.

The π—₯𝗲𝗱 circles seem to signify power or influence, but the π—•π—Ήπ˜‚π—² circles appear to indicate sacrifice or loss of life. Various advertising materials, which often depict individuals with crimson eyes and a tinge of gloom, lend credence to this hypothesis.

These symbols seem to represent some kind of spiritual force or religious importance. This approach makes perfect sense given FromSoftware’s love for symbolism and metaphor in their games. Furthermore, it might indicate a spiritual conflict taking place within Elden Ring, with players picking sides between power and sacrifice as they navigate its universe.

How to use them?

G-Walk is an innovative maneuver in Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 that enables players to travel across the map more faster than ever before. To utilize G-Walk, you must first grasp what the red and blue circles on your minimap represent: G-Walk checkpoints. To utilize these checkpoints, stand on top of them with your rifle aimed at the ground. Then, on Xbox, press and hold the π—₯𝗕 button, whereas on PlayStation, press and hold the 𝗕 button.

Holding these buttons down for a few seconds will launch you into a supercharged sprint for several seconds. During this sprint, your speed will be three times quicker than it would be if you were running normally. Because G-Walk enables you to easily climb ledges and leap over obstacles like as barricades, it may be particularly beneficial during intense firefights when swift mobility is critical.


The red and blue circles that appear on the Elden Ring game’s emblem have become a mystery to players. There has been considerable discussion about what they signify, but no one knows for certain. While the circles might have symbolic or narrative meaning, they could also just be an aesthetic feature.

Whatever the case, these enigmatic circles have become an important element of the buzz surrounding Elden Ring and will most likely continue to be so until further information about the game is disclosed. We can only conjecture on their actual significance till then.

Elden Ring: What Do Red And Blue Circles On Map Mean?

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