In this post, we discuss why the MG82 LMG in Warzone needs a nerf. This gun is way too powerful and needs to be balanced so that it’s not the only LMG people use.

MG82 Warzone: Why is it an issue?

The MG82 Warzone LMG is a problem since it is one of the game’s most potent weapons. Because of the weapon’s extraordinarily fast rate of fire, gamers may quickly spray down opponent players with its massive quantity of rounds. It also features a huge magazine capacity and a strong damage range, which means players won’t have to reload as often while still doing massive quantities of damage from mid to long ranges. This makes the MG82 very deadly in comparison to other LMGs in the game, giving players who use it an unfair edge over their opponents. As a result, a nerf for this weapon is required in order for the Warzone battlefield to become more equitable for all players.

When will the MG82 be nerfed?

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the MG82 is a light machine gun that has rapidly become a fan favorite owing to its tremendous damage output and superb recoil management. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some players seeing the weapon as a “one-size-fits-all” solution for near, medium, and long range confrontations, causing its popularity to surge.

As a result, many gamers are wondering when the MG82 will be nerfed.

Infinity Ward devs have heard this request and verified that a nerf for the MG82 is in the works. While no specifics on how much it would be nerfed or when it will occur were provided, the developer claimed that it was in the works for their forthcoming releases. Unfortunately, these adjustments may not be implemented until after season 4 of Warzone premieres on June 10th, so fans may have to wait and see what happens to their favourite weapon.

This nerf should assist to keep things balanced in Warzone while also giving other weapons a chance to shine.

MG82 Warzone: Killer LMG Needs A Colossal Nerf

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