The Lakers are planning to make a big splash in the free agency market this coming offseason, reportedly offering Eric Gordon and other veterans for Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton. This would be an interesting move by Los Angeles as they attempt to fill out their roster with players who can help them win now.

The “nba rumors: lakers” is a rumor that the Lakers could land Eric Gordon for Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton.

The Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, are one of the favorites to win the Western Conference this season. The duo won the 2020 NBA title together and are boosted by Russell Westbrook’s presence as a 9-time All-Star. Despite the fact that the Lakers have not been at their best without an injured LeBron James, many fans and commentators feel there are no excuses for them not to reach the NBA Finals.

However, the squad might need some improvement. The Lakers have lost to opponents they should be defeating (including the Oklahoma City Thunder) and have had far too many tight games. Despite having a lot of talent on the roster, the Lakers don’t appear like a playoff team when LeBron James isn’t on the court. That might be a concern in the future since the Purple and Gold will face stiff competition from a number of Western Conference clubs. For the Lakers, acquiring a starting-caliber player to boost their bench would be a wise move.

The Houston Rockets are the league’s lowest team and are blatantly tanking for high draft selections while they develop their young players. However, one team member stands out: Eric Gordon. Gordon is the team’s finest all-around scorer and is most suited to helping teams win games rather than lose them. As a result, Houston could consider trading Gordon to the Lakers in exchange for some young players, while Los Angeles get the 2017 Sixth Man of the Year to help them cope without The King.

Eric Gordon trade package: Kendrick Nunn, Talen Horton-Tucker

Los Angeles wins the Western Conference with the help of a former 6th Man of the Year.

On paper, the Lakers are a fantastic squad, but they are now in need of assistance. Russell Westbrook is an excellent offensive point guard, but he has flaws that limit his overall effectiveness, such is his proclivity for turnovers and ineffective shooting. Eric Gordon is still a fantastic scorer who can attack the hoop and shoot the three-point shot at the age of 32. When Russ is having one of his off days, Los Angeles needs a spark plug to propel the offense. Not to add, despite being the team’s most consistent player, Anthony Davis cannot carry the offense on his own.

Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony is enjoying an incredible season, averaging 17.2 points per game on 50.0 percent 3-point shooting, but it won’t continue. Melo has always been a streaky shooter, and he can’t be counted on at 37 years old. Gordon is averaging 13.4 points per game this season on 51.3 percent three-point shooting, while playing restricted minutes to help develop the young men. Eric has already seen the slugfests of the playoffs, making him an ideal fit for the Lakers, who want veterans who can score regularly when LeBron James is on the bench.

Eric Gordon will not be the All-Star player he was in 2011, but scoring at least 13 points per game while increasing the team’s depth with Carmelo Anthony might be beneficial. Gordon can always be counted on to generate his own offense and go hot from the perimeter when Davis is out or when Westbrook has a bad night. This move might make a huge impact for the Lakers, who will be competing in the West against teams like Golden State, Utah, and Denver.

Houston’s rebuild continues with the addition of a point guard who might be a starter.

The Rockets have been a complete disaster this season, going 1-11. Despite the presence of several good players like Christian Wood and Daniel Theis, the club lacks adequate point guard play and experienced players. Jalen Green, the second overall selection, is still a kid on the court and will need a few years to mature before revealing his full personality. Kevin Porter Jr., on the other hand, is a youthful scoring guard who isn’t a natural point guard. More young players and a point guard who can score and handle the ball are needed to help the Rockets rebuild.

Kendrick Nunn may not have Porter Jr.’s potential, but he has plenty of experience as a main playmaker. Nunn was a solid ball-handler and facilitator for the Heat last season, and he isn’t as prone to turnovers as Porter Jr. He’s also 26 years old, and when he returns to the floor, he has an opportunity to establish himself as a legitimate starting point guard. The Lakers placed such a high value on Talen Horton-Tucker that they did not trade him for Kyle Lowry last year. The explanation is simple: Horton-Tucker is just 20 years old, yet he already possesses the all-around game to be a starter for many years.

The Rockets’ record will continue to suffer as a result of Gordon’s departure, but Nunn and Horton-Tucker might help the team’s rebuilding efforts. They’ll be able to nurture Horton-Tucker for at least the next decade, while Kendrick Nunn can serve as a buffer for Houston’s awful point guard performance. The Rockets will be a good team again in at least five years, and dealing away their greatest perimeter scorer before he is 33 is the best option for them.


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