In this post, we’ll show you all six dead drop locations in the Warzone DMZ. These locations are perfect for hiding weapons, supplies, and other goodies.

Where To Find Warzone DMZ Dead Drop Locations

A popular Call of Duty game mode is Warzone DMZ. Participants must locate six warzone dead drop spots scattered throughout the map. Finding all six will net players valuable rewards, including legendary weapons and equipment.

The most essential thing to know while looking for dead drops is that they appear in the same position each time, so if you don’t discover one in the first round, try again in the next one. The sixth and last drop, which occurs somewhere on either Verdansk International Airport or Prison, is the lone exception.

When you come across one of these warzone drops, you should always proceed with care since it may include other players looking to steal your stuff before you do. Before trying to visit a drop spot, be sure to check your map for prospective participants. If you are discovered by another player, rapidly equip yourself with any weapons or armor dropped by surrounding foes and flee as soon as possible before being taken down.

1. Al Mazrah City Dead Drop

The first Dead Drop location in Warzone DMZ is in Al Mazrah City, a heavily populated metropolitan region teeming with gangs and warlord clans. Finding the Dead Drop necessitates players locating a certain structure on their mini-map. Climb onto the walls on the side of the building closest to the street, then seek for a crack in the wall to discover your first Dead Drop.

After you locate it, you must collect the data by standing near it and interacting with your controller. Warzone 2.0 will be loaded on your PC instantly, making you eligible for any future Warzone upgrades and challenges.

2. Mawizeh Marshlands Dead Drop

The Mawizeh Marshlands Dead Drop is one of the Warzone DMZ update’s six secret dead drop locations. To discover and access this place, you must first download and install Warzone 2.0 from the official Warzone website or a third-party supplier.

After you’ve downloaded the game, go to your friends list and look for an allied player who has a green checkmark next to their name and is online. To enter the Wynzhul Jungle, choose this player’s character profile and join their party. When you arrive in the Mawizeh Marshlands, look for an abandoned pier beside a huge tree with a box of information atop it. Interacting with the box reveals its contents, which are a set of coordinates leading to the second hidden dead drop spot outside of Port Erraad. This information will be critical in obtaining everything you need to fulfill Warzone’s missions.

3. Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop

The Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop is situated in the southern part of Warzone, right beyond the mountain pass that links Verdansk and Gorazdze. The drop is immediately east of a small cluster of buildings, and its size and bright green parachute make it easy to detect.

All players have to do to retrieve the fallen goods is interact with the dead drop by pressing Square/X on PlayStation or Xbox accordingly when in close proximity. The supply drop contains two normal Loadout Drops and two unique Supply Caches that provide players with distinct loadout possibilities if they gather them.

The Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop is one of six in Warzone, so keep a look out for them, particularly if you want those rare Supply Caches.

4. Al Samman Cemetery Dead Drop

Al Samman Cemetery is the fourth Dead Drop in Warzone’s DMZ. This drop may be located in the northwest corner of this place, towards the map’s edge. You’ll see a mausoleum on your left as soon as you approach. Straight forward will lead you to a crypt where you may find the Dead Drop.

The Al Samman Cemetery Dead Drop may be obtained by smashing open the coffin with a crowbar and then searching its contents for two pieces of information that must be scanned in order to accomplish this job. After this, players will have obtained the fourth Dead Drop item and may continue on their quest to complete all six things in order to unlock prizes for Warzone’s upcoming Season 4 update.

5. Said City Shopping Center Dead Drop

Said City Shopping Center is the seventh Dead Drop Location in Warzone DMZ. This dead drop is in the alley behind the outside business, just close to the locked entrance. After unlocking the door, go inside and up the stairs on your left. As you rise, grasp the metal beam on your left to gain some height before reaching the platform at the top.

You’ll discover a little box with a mission keycard here, which will guide you to all six of your Dead Drops. Before you begin your task, be sure to get this keycard.

6. West of Rohan Oil Dead Drop

The West of Rohan Oil Dead Drop is one of six Dead Drops dispersed around the DMZ in Warzone. You’ll need to go to a massive oil container south-west of the Rohan Air Base to get it.

To get there, pass via the Darijan Pass and follow the river east until you get to a bridge. Cross the bridge, then follow your mini map the rest of the way. When you arrive, just seek for a huge white container with a blue light inside to discover your drop.

Though it may need some effort and probably some good fortune. It will be worth it when you uncover all six Dead Drops in Warzone’s DMZ and grab yourself some tasty stuff:

  • Unlock exclusive cosmetics.
  • Unique weapon skins.
  • Exclusive in-game rewards.

Warzone DMZ: Dead Drop Locations (Where To Find All Six)

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