Finding the Crane Control Room Location in Warzone DMZ With the Key

Looking for the crane control room in Warzone DMZ? Here’s a quick guide on how to find it, using the key.


This tutorial will walk you through the procedures required to find the control room in Warzone DMZ, which houses the key to access the main area.

To begin, you must go via a network of tunnels, which may be reached by a stairway at the map’s southern border. This will transport you below to two ventilation tunnels. You must then find and enter a special tunnel with an orange door and a single padlock.

Finally, go along this tunnel until you reach the control room, keeping an eye out for hints that might take you there from different spots within Warzone DMZ. Once inside the control room, use your key to open it and get access to other regions of Warzone DMZ, including the critical crane control station, as well as additional game types and awards.

What is Warzone DMZ?

Warzone DMZ is a new game mode in the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone game. It is a mission-based PvE (Player vs Environment) game with five separate goals to fulfill in order to win the battle. Players will have to fight computer-controlled foes, gather intelligence, and earn tremendous prizes.

The goal of this task is to locate and operate the Crane Control Room atop Mount Kastovia, Verdansk’s highest peak. To do so, gamers must first get a specific key located somewhere inside the DMZ. They must next make their way up Mount Kastovia, fighting off enemy soldiers while searching for the control room’s door. When they find it, they may use the key to gain entrance and finish their goal.

What is the Crane Control Room?

The Crane Control Room is a place in Warzone’s DMZ, a battle royale game. It is situated to the east of Parking Garage and may be accessed through the stairs from Parking Garage or by crossing over via the Gora Dam’s hidden subterranean tunnels.

Once inside, there are multiple surveillance cameras and a keycard reader to obtain entry to the war zone crane, which is the major attraction. It is primarily known for its own unique game style, ‘Warzone Caldera’, in which players must capture four points at the same time to win.

The Crane Control Room also has a plethora of cosmetic goodies, like as new skins, weaponry, and insignia, which can be obtained by accomplishing different objectives during Warzone Caldera battles.


When it comes to discovering the crane control room location in Warzone DMZ with the key, location is everything. Knowing the actual location of the control room not only makes it simpler to navigate your way there, but it also allows you to plan your entry and escape strategy.

The crane control room is in Warzone’s Downtown section, near the map’s south-eastern corner. To get there, you’ll need to take an elevator between two different spots on the map. As soon as you go into the elevator, you will be sent downstairs to a hidden location containing a switch that must be pressed in order to obtain entry to the control room.

Once inside, all players must find a key that will allow them to enter the area. It may be located inside one of three boxes scattered across Downtown and must be retrieved before further progress can be accomplished. Take this key and go to the crane control room to begin your quest.

Where to find the Crane Control Room

You must locate the Crane Control Room in Warzone DMZ in order to get the key to Hafid’s Ship. This place is distinguished by two enormous cranes in front of it and a tower behind it, with a walkway going up to it. This area’s entrance is situated on the western side. When you arrive, go around the exterior of the building until you come upon a huge hole in one of the walls. Entering this hole will lead you to the Crane Control Room, where you will find the key to Hafid’s ship.

This location also contains items such as Intel and Cash prizes, as well as weapon caches that may be useful to you on your quest. Once inside, look for objects such as data discs and a laptop that offer useful information regarding where you may obtain more critical information about Hafid’s Ship First Mate Cache Location. Finding these things will provide you XP benefits as well as credits, which you may use to buy new weapons from local dealers or upgrade old ones from your Loadout menu.

How to get to the Crane Control Room

The Crane Control Room is an important location in the Darkmoor Zone DMZ Warzone. It may be located by identifying the Cache Site as First Mate aboard Hafid’s Ship.

To get to the Crane Control Chamber, you must first acquire the necessary key, then enter the correct door, and then reach the elevator that will transport you down to the room.

  • First, you must locate Hafid’s Ship and its first mate beneath deck.
  • Then, look for a red key card, which should be in one of the four lockers at this location.
  • With this, you’ll be able to open a door near the C7 stairs, leading to an elevator.
  • Avoid killing adversaries since you don’t want anybody to be informed when bringing elevators down, as this might disrupt your operation.
  • Take care of any lingering hostiles at the bottom level before entering and accessing all equipment in the Crane Control Room.


When playing Call of Duty: Warzone’s DMZ mission, you may get disoriented and wonder where the Crane Control Room is. Fortunately, there are some pointers to aid you along the road.

To begin, seek for a terminal within one of the buildings that has the key to opening the door holding the Crane Control Room. On your map, this terminal and key will be represented by two distinct colored diamonds. Once you’ve located this terminal, engage with it to collect the key and gain entry to your destination.

Second, make sure your team has at least three people; one person should concentrate on defense while two other players seek for the terminal and key simultaneously.

Finally, while looking for the terminal or crane control room location, consider landmarks like as bridges, buildings, or highways as navigational aids; they may serve as useful markers in directing your squad along their journey across Warzone’s DMZ.

What to do when you reach the Crane Control Room

When you get to the Crane Control Room in Warzone DMZ, the first task is to locate and use the key to open the door. To find it, first go to the ‘Old Base’ region on your map and search for a stack of boxes beside an old shed. Pick up the key from one of them after you’ve discovered it.

Once inside, there will be a giant red button in front of you that will trigger the crane overhead. Take note of any symbols that show onscreen since they will be required to access future areas in Warzone DMZ. Before advancing, thoroughly investigate your surroundings and eliminate any foes who may be patrolling. Finally, utilize your weaponry to eliminate any remaining obstructions or hostile troops; once completed, the Crane Control Room is complete.

What to watch out for when in the Crane Control Room

One of the most significant sites to visit while exploring the DMZ in Warzone 2.0 on PC is the Crane Control Room. This location has a vital item that may be used to unlock prizes, thus knowing where to go and what to look out for is critical in order to properly get it.

Players should be cautious of their surroundings at all times when exploring the Crane Control Room. It’s conceivable that opponents are lurking nearby, either waiting for an unprepared player or patrolling the region. Furthermore, these places contain significant amounts of background radiation, which might create health problems if not addressed. Finally, keep an eye out for any traps or surprises that might catch an unsuspecting explorer off guard.

Players may successfully grab the essential item from the Crane Control Room and advance with their quest in Warzone 2.0 on PC by anticipating danger and being cautious of possible opponents in this area.


There are two rewards for locating the Crane Control Room in Warzone DMZ with the key. To begin, you will get not just the formidable Tactical Nuke Launcher, but also a staggering 60,000 XP boost.

The XP boost will offer you levels that would otherwise require many hours, if not days, of grinding in other game modes.

The second prize is a one-of-a-kind calling card that may be shown on your profile, highlighting your bravery in traversing the perilous DMZ and escaping with the key. It’s also wonderful bragging rights for you and your teammates.

What rewards can you get from the Crane Control Room?

The Crane Control Room is one of the sites in Warzone’s DMZ, which has been a popular destination for gamers since its debut in Season Four. The Crane Control Room key may be obtained by identifying and completing several Dead Drop assignments strewn around the landscape.

After finding the key and entering the Crane Control Room, players will be awarded with valuable treasure such as Legendary Blueprints, unique high-tier weaponry, and Finest Flywheel energy drink cans that can be used to pump up throughout a battle. They may also discover Intel spots or get access to bunkers or hidden chambers in the region. The incentives provided make it worthwhile to seek out this secret spot.

What items can you find in the Crane Control Room?

The Crane Control Room in Warzone DMZ is an excellent location for locating strong goods. It includes the coveted Infinity Key, which opens the map’s central section and allows access to a slew of treasures. A protective Turret, a Radar Jammer, and even the new Distortion Field may be found within the Crane Control Room.

The Turret is useful for providing cover and for shooting down annoying helicopters. The Radar Jammer will jam enemy radar, making it more difficult for them to detect your movements. Finally, the Distortion Field shields against EMPs and other strong assaults.

With these components, you may create your ideal Warzone loadout:


The hunt for the Crane Control Room in Warzone DMZ has come to an end. Following a series of procedures and gaining the key from the security officer, it was discovered that the control room is situated on top of an abandoned industrial building in South Verdansk. Although getting there is difficult due to its isolated position, you may now visit this region by a brief elevator trip straight from Strelka.

With this key, you may now explore new locations and achieve previously undiscovered goals. It is an excellent approach to get an advantage over your opponents, since they are likely unaware of this concealed location.

Summary of the Crane Control Room

The Crane Control Room is a key-accessible area on the Warzone DMZ map. It’s near the dam, towards the center of the map. Inside, there are various significant objects, including a deadly rifle known as “The Kraken” and some useful information concerning missions and opponent locations.

To enter this area, you must either locate or be handed a special key, which may be obtained by completing specific tasks and events. The Crane Control Room is an extremely useful asset for players wanting to gain an edge in Warzone DMZ, since it grants access to some of the game’s strongest weaponry and supplies.

Final Thoughts

The entire quest to discover the Crane Control Room in Warzone DMZ might be difficult. There are several difficulties to conquer, like obtaining the key, making your way through the deep forest, and ultimately navigating your way into the control room itself. We hope that this tutorial has given you a better understanding of how to tackle all of these hurdles and finally achieve those elusive prizes.

Once you’ve made it inside the Crane Control Room, take a few seconds to admire your achievement and enjoy all it has to offer. Best wishes.

Warzone DMZ Key: Crane Control Room Location

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