Uncovering the Warzone DMZ Key: Hafid Ship First Mate Cache – a blog post about the importance of uncovering the Warzone DMZ key


This article introduces the enigma behind the Warzone DMZ key, known as the Hafid Ship First Mate Cache. This key is one of three buried in and around the Warzone map. These keys are used to get access to strong in-game prizes such as blueprints, XP, and other goodies.

The Hafid Ship First Mate Cache is discovered in Verdansk’s port city of Hafid and is said to be linked to a long-lost ship that sank in the bay many years ago. It has been theorized that this key allows players to:

  • Discover items from the missing vessel
  • Obtain access to previously inaccessible sections of Verdansk
  • Provide access to additional challenges inside the Warzone map itself.

Hafid Ship First Mate Cache Location

The Hafid Ship First Mate Cache is a critical goal in the Warzone game as well as a significant aspect of the Warzone DMZ plot. This cache, which is located aboard a moored cargo ship in Verdansk Harbor, includes critical data and goods that may assist players continue through the Warzone objective.

The Hafid Ship First Mate Cache is hidden in a tiny compartment on the ship’s top deck, behind some windows and containers. To enter this compartment and acquire its contents, players must use the main hatch or one of the ladders positioned on each side of the ship. The cache contains a keycard that opens various new sections of Verdansk, as well as strong equipment that may offer players an advantage in battle.

Overview of the Location

The Hafid Ship First Mate Cache may be found in the Warzone DMZ, a no-land man’s where only the most devoted players dare to go. It’s a hazardous region with plenty of foes and riches, but the key to accessing this specific cache is located on a tiny bridge overlooking the main canal.

When you arrive, you’ll see a big container guarded by two formidable adversaries. If you defeat them, you will obtain access to an incredible arsenal of frag grenades, numerous firearms, and armor components. Keep in mind that there may be additional adversaries hiding about, so proceed with care while investigating this area of the arena. Additionally, keep a look out for snipers in lofty areas, since they may cause significant damage if they are fortunate.

How to Access the Location

The Hafid Ship First Mate Cache is found in the Warzone DMZ. This stash is critical to the mission and is kept secret behind numerous levels of protection.

To get to it, players must first enter the guarded area and then discover certain key artifacts that work as puzzle pieces, unlocking a unique door in the wall that leads to the Hafid Ship First Mate Cache.

After collecting all of these things, players must arrange them in the exact sequence using their D-Pad or mouse wheel to unlock a hidden route within an old shipping container, enabling them to climb higher. Finally, after reaching the highest point of the container, players may enter a tiny tunnel and grab the prize from the Hafid Ship First Mate Cache, completing their quest.

Tips and Tricks

Methods for locating the Warzone DMZ Key: For those who desire to achieve this challenging quest, Hafid Ship First Mate Cache might be highly handy. This quest demands you to seek a specified region of the map for six clues that will assist you in unlocking the cache. You’ll need to know where to look and how to read the hints appropriately to do this.

There are also some helpful hints, such as:

  • Utilizing your drone or binoculars.
  • Noting auditory cues and drone radar markers.
  • Using your Field Upgrade Scanner.

You’ll be able to find the cache fast and simply if you follow these tips and tactics.

Utilizing Cover

Using cover is an important survival tactic in a warzone, particularly inside the DMZ. To uncover the Hafid Ship First Mate Cache, players must use neighboring buildings and walls to shield themselves from hostile fire. Cover is vital not only for survival, but also for tracking down the cache; those who do not employ it are likely to lose out on a large prize.

Cover may be found in a variety of shapes, including damaged buildings and rock formations, as well as individual automobiles, tire piles, and other carefully placed items. Knowing when to move is critical; if enemy fire continues, rapidly get behind cover before the situation worsens. Players should have little trouble discovering the Warzone DMZ key and unlocking a significant prize by exploiting various sorts of concealment inside the DMZ map.

Utilizing Flanking Routes

In Warzone 2.0, flanking routes are an excellent technique for players to outmaneuver their opponents. Finding an alternative path that enables you to rapidly attain your goals while avoiding direct combat is the goal of this technique.

To do this, players must take advantage of the environment by choosing pathways and hiding areas that are outside of opponent sight lines. This allows them to flank and surprise opponents as they rush to a checkpoint or assault objectives. Players may then secure the location and move on to their next target without alerting adversaries to their presence if they prepare well.

Using flanking routes involves strong map awareness and a well-planned plan of attack, but when done effectively, it can be a potent weapon in any Warzone player’s arsenal.

Utilizing High Ground

When playing Warzone 2.0 on PC, taking High Ground is critical to your success. High ground may allow you to climb above your opponents and see them before they notice you’re there. Because you have a better view position while utilizing high ground, you can easily snipe or pick off people. Furthermore, it may prevent your squad from being flanked from the sides or from behind by other squads that are unaware of your location.

Navigating to high ground with height on top of buildings is critical for seeing foes and gaining an edge in a firefight. Finding safe ways for your team to ascend is critical to success. This might include climbing via windows, damaged walls, or roofs, among other options.

Finally, proper usage of this approach necessitates that your squad stay quiet and sneaky so as not to alert other players to their location while taking use of the High Ground.


The inquiry concluded that Hafid, a former pirate commander who formerly held the Warzone DMZ, had the key to unlocking the enigmatic first mate stash. The Bearcat, Hafid’s old ship, has just been seen in the area and is most likely still manned by his crew. Investigators may acquire access to an antique map giving clues to opening the stash by discovering the Bearcat and unlocking its cargo compartment.

Furthermore, an examination of local cultural relics indicated that Hafid was a rich guy who illegally trafficked in exotic items from throughout the globe, such as gold and silver coins from China and India. Among these items were hints as to where Hafid’s riches may have gone after he was slain in battle. This treasure will undoubtedly include valuable things that can be utilized to get entry to the first mate cache.

Warzone DMZ Key: Hafid Ship First Mate Cache Location

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