If you’re looking for a way to get an edge in Warzone, you may have heard about the invisible skin glitch. But which skins turn you invisible? We’ve got the answers.


The Warzone invisible skin bug is a relatively recent problem in Call of Duty: Warzone, a popular battle royale game. This bug enables users to equip skins that render them nearly invisible to other players while playing, giving them an unfair advantage. As a result, it has received a lot of flak from the gaming community.

This tutorial will investigate the Warzone invisible skin bug, investigating what causes it and how to prevent it. We’ll also go over which skins make you invisible, as well as how players may use this flaw to gain an edge and even impact the outcome of a battle royale fight. Finally, we’ll look at some potential remedies to this problem, as well as what efforts developers should take to guarantee fairness in competitive gaming inside the game.

What is the Warzone Invisible Skin Glitch?

The Warzone invisible skin flaw is an exploit that enables players to become nearly totally invisible in Call of Duty Warzone, a popular battle royale game. Certain skins in the game create this issue, and when donned, the player’s character becomes practically invisible or almost undetected to other players in the lobby. This makes it almost hard for other players to detect them, providing them with an unfair edge on the battlefield.

The specific source of this problem is unclear, although it is most likely related to how certain textures are presented in-game. The most often utilized skins for this exploit are Rangers Slate, Otter, and Woodland skins, among others. Players should also be advised that employing this technique may result in them being banned from official servers and causing problems while playing online with friends.

How Does the Invisible Skin Glitch Work?

In Warzone, the Invisible Skin Glitch allows players to make their skins invisible. This enables them to hide from opponents and possible dangers, making kills and goals simpler to obtain.

The glitch operates by taking advantage of a bug in the game’s coding that allows some skins to become invisible when utilized by a player in-game. Players who have these skins may utilize the bug to make themselves invisible, bot opponents, or even friends. The skins required by players differ depending on the game style; some skins are exclusively available in specific modes, such as battle royale or supply drop.

To utilize the Invisible Skin Glitch, players must first don one of these unique skins before joining a match. Once in the game, they must:

  • Travel continually until their character totally vanishes from view.
  • Once this occurs, they may resume regular gameplay and adversaries will be unable to see them.

What Skins Turn You Invisible?

The Warzone invisible skin glitch is a bug that causes players to become invisible in the popular Battle Royale game Call of Duty: Warzone.

In summary, when a player wears a certain mix of skins, they become virtually totally invisible. As a result, some players have used the issue to gain an unfair edge over other players who are unaware of it.

The precise combination of skins required to become invisible is unknown, however it usually includes mixing two or more skins published on the same day. For example, if two new gun wraps are introduced to the game on October 4th, and a player puts them on at the same time during a match, they will become invisible.

It should be noted that this bug does not always ensure invisibility, and certain combinations may work better for some players than others. Furthermore, any player discovered employing this flaw would very certainly face legal action from Activision for gaining an unfair edge over other gamers.

Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie Suit is a sort of camouflage apparel that is often used by hunters and troops. It is intended to be worn over one’s own clothes and consists of loose strips of fabric or twine in earth tones and occasionally other colors that are used to break up the wearer’s silhouette and integrate them into their surroundings.

The Ghillie Suit is one of the more successful skin sets for the Invisible Skin Glitch in Warzone since its natural camouflage helps break up your silhouette in-game. Other skin sets known to create the invisibility issue include the Urban Tracker, Urban Perpetrator, Urban Jungle, and Urban Rubble sets, which have similar camouflage capabilities to the Ghillie suit but are not as effective.

Ghost Skins

Ghost Skins are some of the most popular Warzone skins because they enable players to become practically invisible. This exploit was popularized by streams using Ghost Skins, and it may provide a significant edge in Warzone if applied appropriately.

When players equip a certain skin before entering a game, the bug is enabled. Once they join the game, they become invisible to other players, making them difficult, if not impossible, for other teams to identify or track down.

The skins required for this glitch vary based on the terrain and game type, however some of the more common skins that make you invisible include:

  • Talon Operator Skin
  • Hydra Operator Skin
  • Mantis Operator Skin

Other Skins

Other skins, such as the XRK M4 Blueprint, Striker 45 Blueprint, and LB-SA87 Blueprint, may make players invisible in the Warzone. These skins were discovered to have the same bug as the CR-56 AMAX killinghouse skin. Players that wear these skins will stay invisible until a weapon from their current loadout is switched out.

The XRK M4 and Striker 45 blueprints are exclusively accessible to players who bought certain Modern Warfare editions, while the LB-SA87 blueprint is available in a special package from the game’s shop.

If you come across any more Blueprints that give invisibility in the Warzone, please report them so that engineers can repair them.

How to Use the Invisible Skin Glitch

The Warzone invisibility skin glitch is a unique approach to deceive your adversaries. By wearing certain skins on your weapons and armor, you may become completely invisible, which can be utilized to launch surprise assaults on foes or just ambush them when the moment is perfect.

The trick to this bug is to use the appropriate skins on your weapons and armor, since not all of them will render you translucent. To exploit this bug effectively, you must first understand which skins make characters invisible and how to apply them appropriately.

To begin, determine which skins will truly render you invisible so you may begin equipping them on your weapons and equipment. The Snow Leopard skin is the most popular option for main weapons, the Lioness skin for secondary weapons, and the Wolf Gray Skin for all other armors. Once they are properly equipped in their respective slots, you should be able to blend with the surroundings and become practically invisible. Even with these skins enabled, there is still a slight risk that attackers may notice certain flickering elements of your character, hence it is critical that you be vigilant at all times while utilizing this bug.


The Warzone invisibility skin issue has been a cause of disagreement among players, since it provides a significant advantage to those who can exploit it. While testing could not show decisively whether or not any specific skins can render you entirely invisible in Warzone, it is obvious that various skins may give some kind of concealment. The outcomes varied based on where you were and what time of day it was, since darkness and shadows might assist conceal your presence in the game.

These results show that choosing the right skin might provide players with a major tactical edge in Warzone. However, it is important to understand that using camouflage is not always fair play, particularly if other players are unaware that you have an invisibility flaw at your disposal. As a result, it is essential to proceed with care and respect your opponents by providing a level playing field.

Warzone Invisible Skin Glitch: Which Skins Turn You Invisible?

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