It’s official, Warzone is getting a new game mode called Rebirth of the Dead. This mode will have players fighting to be the last human standing against an ever-growing horde of zombies.

What is Rebirth of the Dead?

Rebirth of the Dead is an unique mode in the Warzone video game, which was published on May 20th, 2021. In this mode, players must battle an army of undead zombies and zombies with specific skills. The goal of the game is to outlast and survive those that come after you.

Players may get weapons and other goods to assist in their survival, as well as employ unique skills to help them in combat. To win, players must remove all adversaries on the map before time runs out, or they will be vanquished by their opponents or time will run out.

Players may also customize their characters, such as designing your own zombie commands and choosing which weapon to employ against the undead threat.

Infestation in Rebirth of the Dead

Infestation in Rebirth of the Dead is a new zombie-themed game mode for the battle royale game Call of Duty Warzone. To be rewarded with loot and equipment, players must survive waves of diseased zombies. To live as long as possible, players may join up with their pals and employ the particular skills that come with the zombie-infested settings.

There are three levels of difficulty to select from, each with its own distinct challenge and rewarding experience. Players will uncover increasingly powerful weapons, new bonuses, and prizes as they continue through the game, such as golden crates holding powerful weaponry to help in their struggle against the zombie onslaught in Rebirth of the Dead. Players that defeat all five waves of opponents will be able to retain all of their riches. This mode adds dimension to Warzone’s already entertaining battle royale mayhem.

What else is in Rebirth of the Dead?

Rebirth of the Dead is a new Call of Duty: Warzone update that brings zombie-themed havoc to Verdansk. The update adds a variety of new features, including playable Zombies, an exploration mode with unique rewards, and even special in-game goods.

Zombie Royale is the primary mode in Rebirth of the Dead. Players may join a Squad and fight hordes of Zombies to win perks like boosts and new weaponry. Players will have have access to strong skills that they may utilize against the hordes or against other players. These skills include the capacity to resuscitate fallen allies, identify unseen opponents, and even resurrect fallen teammates.

In addition, players will be able to participate in unique zombie challenges for a chance at rare prize drops. The challenges are exceptional events that take place throughout Verdansk, ranging from mission goals and game modes to racing through a track or completing treasure hunts for significant prizes, with each delivering a unique kind of challenge for gamers searching for an additional thrill.

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