The best Call of Duty Warzone loadout for December has been revealed. This setup is perfect for the current meta and will help you dominate the competition.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Meta

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is the most recent entry in the famous Call of Duty series. This fascinating game, set in the near future, involves tactical warfare and deadly weapon play. It also introduces a dynamic new meta, with players able to modify their loadouts with high-tech gear and weapons to gain an advantage in multiplayer mode.

The December 2022 meta implies that players prioritize long-range damage over close-quarters combat. Assault rifles like the M13 or Kilo 141 are strong primary selections since they offer significant DPS statistics as well as accessories that may improve range accuracy. High-tech sniper rifles like the HDR or AX-50 are superb options for long-range warfare and do a lot of damage at any range. For CQB circumstances in tight places, a submachine gun like the MP5 or AUG Para is suggested. With the right accessories, these guns may be made much more lethal at close range.

Finally, it is advised that you carry one fatal grenade of your choosing, such as an EMP grenade or Semtex, and one tactical grenade, such as Smoke or Stun Grenades, for crowd control reasons.

Best Perks

Choosing the greatest Warzone 2 perks for your loadout is critical for success in the December 2022 meta. Perks are unique powers that players may attach to their loadouts to provide them benefits in certain circumstances. Perks include Ghost, which makes you more difficult for foes to identify, Cold-Blooded, which helps you to remain concealed from hostile UAVs and Sentry Guns, and Overkill, which allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of one.

Different perks provide distinct benefits, therefore it is important to carefully assess which ones are most suited to your playstyle and plans. With careful planning, you may design formidable loadouts with the ideal collection of perks customized particularly for optimum combat effectiveness.

Best Secondary Warzone 2

The Best Warzone 2 Secondary Loadout for December 2022 Meta is made up of a few fundamental components. If you want to succeed in the current Warzone 2 meta, you’ll need to employ the greatest secondary gun that can boost your efficiency across all game types.

The FN SCAR 17s and the HDR sniper rifle are the primary competitors for this award. Both of these weapons offer amazing numbers, making them among of the most sought alternatives for Warzone gamers seeking for a competitive advantage.

Since its release in 2017, the FN SCAR 17s has been a favorite among many Warzone gamers, and it has only grown better with age. It’s one of the most flexible and lethal weapons in Call of Duty Warzone 2, with a rapid firing rate and lots of ammunition to go around. It also comes with a variety of attachment choices, allowing you to personalize your configuration based on your playstyle. Furthermore, because to its semi-automatic capabilities, the FN SCAR 17s is very accurate and may be utilized as an excellent medium-range weapon.

Because of its extended range scope, rapid firing rate, and amazing damage output at any range, the HDR sniper rifle is another notable candidate for best secondary weapon in Call of Duty Warzone 2. It also has various attachments available, including a number of sight options, enabling you to further tailor your loadout if necessary.

Warzone 2 Sniper

For any Call of Duty Warzone player wishing to crush their opponents in the December 2022 meta, the Warzone 2 Sniper loadout is the ideal option. This adaptable sniper loadout is suitable for both long-range and close-quarters warfare.

The AX-50 Sniper Rifle, combined with a mms s47 barrel, tac laser, and a 7x scope, provides the accuracy and range required for this setup. All of this may be supplemented by a secondary weapon, such as a shotgun or submachine gun. A Tactical Grenade Launcher attachment, which lets you to wipe out rooms fast and efficiently, should round out this loadout.

You’ll have no trouble conquering the battlefield in Call of Duty Warzone with this setup.

New Warzone 2 Meta

As the Call of Duty Warzone 2 gaming scene evolves, so does the meta for the game. Every season provides new challenges, weaponry, and game play changes. As a result, it is critical for players to remain up to speed on new metas that affect their gameplay experience.

The December 2022 Warzone 2 Meta focuses on Ground War & Traditional warfare. Players should choose weapons with greater damage output, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns, while also considering the many weapon attachments available. It is also critical to stay up to date on which armor parts are deemed most effective in various game styles, since this might be critical to their effectiveness in-game. Furthermore, players should be aware of additional methods such as flanking and rushing, which may assist them gain every edge possible over their opponents. Finally, this meta will vary as the game progresses, but by adhering to it, players can guarantee they stay competitive in whatever match they face.

What is the Warzone 2 meta right now?

Because of the ever-changing methods and approaches used by players, the Warzone 2 meta is constantly in a perpetual state of change. Warzone 2 is now centered on medium-range fighting, while some players excel at long-range warfare as well. Furthermore, close-quarters firefights remain vital since Warzone 2 maps offer confined areas that push teams to switch up their playstyles.

Many of the most successful loadouts focus on using balanced weapons with excellent mid and long range stats, such as SMGs, ARs, Marksman Rifles, and Shotguns. Weapons like the M4A1 and M13 may be very effective for rapidly dispatching opponents, but they also have a long range for hunting down attackers in the distance. The Kar98k sniper has shown to be quite helpful in long-range gunfights, although shotguns prevail in close-quarters combat. Furthermore, because of how fast paced Warzone 2 can get, having well-rounded loadouts with equipment like as Stim shots has become increasingly vital in the current meta.


The phrase “loadout” refers to the equipment, weaponry, and perks that you bring into combat in Warzone. Making a solid Loadout is critical since it may make or break your performance on the battlefield. Your Loadout should be adjusted to your play style, game mode (solo, pair, or squads), and the current meta for that month. You should also consider your skill level and the weapons that are available at the moment.

A main weapon should be included in your loadout. Typically, an assault rifle or sniper rifle, as well as one or two backup weapons such as pistols or shotguns. When selecting perks, keep in mind that you only have three slots; so use them carefully. Finally, if you’re heading into a battle with low armor, bring some very powerful Killstreaks like Cluster Strikes or Advanced UAVs with you.


Call of Duty Warzone 2 Loadout for December 2022 Meta is optimized for in-game efficiency and safety. It includes a carefully selected set of weaponry, upgrades, and perks designed to give you an advantage on the battlefield.

The M4A1 assault rifle has a Remmington R5 barrel, an Eotech holographic sight, and a long range stock. Players may also employ FFAR 1 as a secondary weapon to form a hybrid configuration. The following tactical items round out this setup: Stim Shot Tactical Grenade, Decoy Grenade, and Cold Blooded Perk. In addition, the Ghost Perk has been introduced to help you survive in Warzone 2’s ever-changing meta-game environment.

While playing Call of Duty Warzone 2 Situationally-Aware Multiplayer SAM, this loadout will give the ideal blend of power, accuracy, and survivability.

Best Kastov 762 Loadout Warzone 2

The Kastov 762 assault rifle is a formidable weapon with a lot of potential in the December 2022 Warzone 2 loadout meta. Because of its incredibly precise firing rate and devastating bullet dispersion, this weapon provides remarkable mid to long range capability. When combined with the appropriate accessories, it becomes even more lethal in the proper hands.

A Monolithic Suppressor for near-silent but lethal long range engagements, an XRK Obelisk barrel for improved bullet velocity, an FTAC Collapsable stock for mobility during gunfights, an XRK Summit 26.4″ Sniper barrel for increased damage at range, and a 15 round magazine for faster reloads comprise the best Warzone 2 Kastov 762 loadout. With this loadout, you have all the power you need to conquer even the most difficult combat circumstances.

Best RPK Loadout Warzone 2

The RPK is a famous light machine gun that was given a new lease of life in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. This loadout is intended to help unleash the strong weapon’s full capability and make it much simpler to utilize in the battle royale. It’s also ideal for mid-range or close-quarters combat, making it a flexible choice that can swiftly adapt to changing circumstances.

The RPK has a great range, accuracy, and rate of fire, and this build emphasizes those features. You may more easily pick out foes from a distance by donning the Thermal Sniper Scope. The Overlord Laser Sight will improve aiming speed and accuracy at close ranges. The Muzzle Brake 9 lowers vertical recoil, allowing you to remain on aim even when surrounded by foes. Finally, the 50 Round Mag will allow you to fire a constant onslaught of bullets without having to reload often.

Loadouts for Warzone

Loadouts for Warzone are a method of customizing and creating specialist characters in Call of Duty: Warzone, a popular battle royale video game. Players may construct the ideal character for their playstyle by selecting from hundreds of different weapons, attachments, bonuses, and more.

When designing your loadout, it is critical to grasp the current meta since this is what the majority of players are utilizing and will have an influence on the game. Loadouts in Warzone may be modified on the fly, thus it’s crucial to have a few alternatives available depending on the circumstances.

The greatest December 2022 loadouts include strong weapons with attachment combinations that boost rate of fire, accuracy, damage output, and recoil management. Access to strong killstreaks such as cruise missiles or cluster attacks provides you an advantage over other players. Finding loadouts that include all of these aspects may offer you an edge over your opponents and allow you to win matches swiftly and easily.

Warzone 2 Meta: Best CoD Warzone Loadout (December 2022)

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