Due to, height in basketball is a major advantage. “A lot of success in the sport comes from players who can simply reach higher than everyone else.” (Dickau) Many coaches and scouts look at a player’s size when deciding whether or not they would be a good fit on their team. In addition, many coaches have reported that taller players often have a better sense of where they should be on the court. “A lot of times, it’s just simple things like knowing where to stand and when to move.” (Mick Cronin) This is especially important because players that are taller than their opponents will more than likely be able to reach for rebounds and put-backs. A taller players size also allows them to block more shots. When a player is very tall, it becomes harder for their opponents to shoot over them, allowing them to block shots more often. All of these factors are why taller players are put in the position they are.

Taller players have an advantage when it comes to shooting the ball

They have a bigger range and will more than likely be able to shoot the ball with better accuracy. This is important because in most cases, taller players receive the ball when it is inbounded after a basket is scored. If they are closely guarded, they can simply pass the ball out to another player and run down court, allowing them to get open for a shot. If the taller player is not closely guarded, they will more than likely receive the ball and shoot it. This means that when shooting, taller players have an easier time scoring because it can be difficult for opponents to guard them closely since they are usually shorter than their opponents.

They can block shots and grab rebounds easier due to their height

“First of all, getting lower than the offensive player makes it difficult for them to shoot over you, so they are forced to shoot under you.” (Stan Love) This is beneficial because when opponents attempt to shoot under taller players since it is hard for them to shoot over their opponents. Taller players can predict where opponents will be shooting the ball since they are normally in front of them. “If I can get my hand on the ball, it’s more than likely going out of bounds.” (Cameron Ridley) This means that taller players have an easier time blocking shots and grabbing rebounds with one simple swipe.

Taller players have a larger range when shooting

“Being taller allows you to shoot over the top of people, which is an advantage. Of course, your range also increases.” (Sam Dekker) Taller players are able to step back further on jump shots because they have more room. This means that their shot will be harder for opponents to block since it is normally taken from farther away. A taller player’s range can also be affected by their jump shots accuracy. If the taller player is able to shoot accurately from far away, it will make opponents have to guard them even further back on the court. This means that opponents will have to run all the way down the court in order to get close enough to guard them.

who is the tallest player in the nba right now

The best way to find out who the tallest player in the NBA is, would be to order them by their height. The tallest players are Yao Ming and Slavko Vraneš both standing at 7 feet 6 inches tall (2.29 m). However, Yao Ming retired from the NBA in 2011 and currently lives and works as a basketball analyst for CCTV5+ Olympic Basketball Analysts in Beijing, China. Vraneš’ career ended after 2002-2003 season where he averaged 3.6 points, 1.5 rebounds and 0.8 assists in his best season as a San Antonio Spur.

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