Why is Mozilla Leading the Push for the FCC to Reinstate Net Neutrality?

Mozilla is leading the movement to restore net neutrality in the US, after the FCC voted to repeal the Obama-era regulations in 2018. With other organisations’ support, Mozilla calls for the US government to reinstate net neutrality, so that all internet users can access websites at the same speed and pay the same prices for data. This article will attempt to explain why Mozilla has taken up this cause and how it’s pushing the US government to restore net neutrality.

Definition of Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all data on the Internet equally, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.

The idea behind net neutrality is to ensure that the internet remain open and unrestricted. This means that ISPs cannot provide different internet access speeds to different websites or even block certain websites altogether. The aim is to promote innovation and provide equal access to the Internet for all users no matter where they are located or which software they use.

Net neutrality advocates argue that it prevents ISPs from creating unfair advantages over other companies in terms of customer access by giving some companies faster connections than others. They also claim that without net neutrality rules in place, ISPs will have more power over what websites people can access and could undermine innovation and free speech on the web.

Mozilla has been at the forefront of encouraging these protections by filing several petitions with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requesting it reverse its current decision on repealing net neutrality rules established in 2015.In its petition filed with the FCC titled “Protecting Net Neutrality” Mozilla laid out why it believes these rules should be reinstated: for example, pointing out how internet service providers have an incentive to restrict their customers’ access to certain parts of their network and how this could hurt innovation efforts as well as stifle competition in many markets. By pushing for rules protecting net neutrality Mozilla hopes to create a level playing field where consumers won’t be discriminated against based on who provides them with their connection or which content they seek out online.

Overview of the FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulations

Net neutrality is a concept that all internet traffic should be treated equally. It aims to prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking access to certain websites, applications, and services. However, in December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal these regulations in a 3-2 vote that shocked many net neutrality advocates and free speech defenders.

Under Barack Obama’s presidency, the FCC adopted net neutrality regulations in 2015 meant to ensure “an open internet that gives consumers the freedom to access what they want and innovators the freedom to offer new content and services.” However, major ISPs such as Comcast and AT&T had expressed vocal opposition for some of the strictest points within these regulations since they believed it gave them too much control over how users can use the web.

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Since the FCC repealed these Title II Order restrictions on ISPs in December 2017, Mozilla has been one of several major companies leading the charge against this decision. They believe that without net neutrality protections in place, ISPs have too much power to pick winners and losers on the web by controlling what types of content consumers can access and at what speed their streaming services are allowed.

Mozilla Leads Push for FCC to Reinstate Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is an important part of our modern digital landscape. Mozilla, a company known for its advocacy for open-source software, has taken a leading role in pushing the FCC to reinstate net neutrality. In addition, Mozilla has leveraged its large following of users to organise campaigns and make their voice heard. This article will explore why Mozilla is leading the effort and how they are doing it.

Mozilla’s Legal Challenges to the FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulations

Mozilla has been one of the most vocal supporters of the open internet and net neutrality. In recent years, the organisation has been at the forefront of a multi-faceted effort to push for stronger legal protections for net neutrality.

Following the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) repeal of Obama-era Open Internet Order in December 2017, Mozilla filed a lawsuit against FCC on behalf of its users. The suit argued that the FCC had “overstepped its authority with an arbitrary and capricious reversal of existing net neutrality protections”. Additionally, Mozilla proposed to issue a legislative attempt challenging these new regulations within Congress.

In 2018, Mozilla launched the Save Net Neutrality campaign in partnership with other advocacy organisations including Fight For The Future, Access Now and Public Knowledge, to encourage individuals to call on their member of Congress to support legislation pushing back against FCC’s decision. As a result, on April 26 2018, Senator Ed Markey introduced Senate bill S.J.Res 52 which would undo the FCC’s repeal and reinstate stronger protections for net neutrality rules. The more than twenty associated congressional cosponsors included representatives from both major parties .

Activism was further continued in 2019 during an ongoing court case where Mozilla moved to intervene alongside other civil liberties organisations and content providers on behalf of not only their users but also members of Congress whose constituent interests were impacted by these regulations changes. This June 2019 victory allayed injunction threat related to Title II regulation renewing some sense of security about E-commerce traffic flow across networks subject to prioritisation schemes . If successful this challenge could mark a key triumph of ideal digital equity that many stakeholders have grown hopes around .

Mozilla’s Grassroots Efforts to Promote Net Neutrality

As one of the leading advocates for net neutrality, Mozilla is pushing hard to restore rules that protect a free and open internet. In addition, it has engaged in several grassroots efforts to ensure that all internet users access the same online content and information.

Mozilla’s Fight for the Future campaign has mobilised Internet users worldwide to call on their governments and lawmakers to act against any form of unjust bias or control over the Internet. Mozilla’s legal challenges against the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repeal of net neutrality regulations have been largely responsible for keeping these protections intact by pushing back against industry pressure and mobilising public support. In addition, its grassroots campaigns have created widespread awareness of this issue and its importance, which is needed to get national legislatures involved in finding solutions that protect people’s rights online.

Mozilla is also supporting lawsuits filed by other public interest organisations by filing briefs in federal court expressing its stance regarding individuals’ rights online. The company also participates in meetings with lawmakers, interfaces with industry players, speaks at public events, encourages people to organise protests or demonstrations, organises webinars educating people about this issue, creates petitions demonstrating support for a free internet and produces educational material aimed at government regulators and policy makers worldwide.

These actions are part of a larger strategy employed by Mozilla over the years through its Foundation organisation, advocating for legislation that protects users’ privacy rights and open access restrictions policies on high speed networks. Mozilla’s commitment goes beyond staying up-to-date on changes affecting company policy decisions. Rather than directly entering into litigation, it focuses on using resources more effectively by reaching out through effective engagements with stakeholders such as activists fighting for tech justice causes around the world — helping them build democratic institutional capacity, skills development activities and tools which enable citizens to make informed decisions about vital technology issues impacting their lives like net neutrality regulations.

The Impact of Mozilla’s Push

Mozilla’s push for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reinstate Net Neutrality is critical in protecting consumer choice and access to online content. Net Neutrality is essential for ensuring that the Internet remains a level playing field for all users, regardless of the content or service they are accessing.

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It provides transparency and accountability for the internet service providers, and protects the consumer rights of all users. Let’s examine the impact of Mozilla’s push for net neutrality, and the potential ramifications of failure to reinstate it.

Increased Awareness of the Issue

Mozilla began its push towards net neutrality in 2014, when it organised a Day of Action that raised awareness of the issue throughout International Internet Freedom Day. This marked the beginning of Mozilla becoming a powerful advocate for net neutrality, pushing for pro-net neutrality regulations and encouraging the public to ask their legislators to take action on the issue.

In 2018, Mozilla increased their efforts substantially with a Rainforest Connection Event that worked to increase awareness of net neutrality by streaming their Rainforest Connection song every hour on websites worldwide for 48 hours. As part of this event, Mozilla also created an online petition urging other companies to add their name to reinstate net neutrality, and received more than 1 million signatures from individuals worldwide.

The organisation has continued raising awareness of net neutrality through additional campaigns aimed at raising public attention and garnering more support from businesses and organisations worldwide. For example, in June 2018, Mozilla partnered with dozens of other websites and companies for a “Red Alert” push. Participating websites featured bright red banners informing visitors about net neutrality. More recently in October 2019, Mozilla held an online rally featuring live streaming sessions dedicated to educating users about how they could get involved in restoring open internet standards and advocating for stronger consumer protections against ISPs attempting to undermine these standards.

Overall, since 2014 Mozilla has acted as an influential advocate for reinstating FCC protections on net neutrality and increasing public awareness surrounding such issues. Through its various campaigns, initiatives, activities, partnerships with other organisations fighting for open internet standards as well as its grassroots advocacy efforts have all culminated into making Mozilla one of the leading voices advocating for strong pro-net neutrality regulations both domestically in the United States as well as internationally around the globe today.

Growing Support for Net Neutrality

Mozilla Corporation has emerged as a leader in the fight to reinstate net neutrality regulations. With court rulings continuing to come down against the topic, many tech industry giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are hosting open debates and public forums on the issue. Mozilla’s proactive stance is making it an even more vocal advocate for net neutrality rights online, which many say is critical for protecting a free and open internet.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted unanimously in 2015 to approve new rules that protect an open internet by creating stringent guidelines for how broadband providers should handle traffic on their networks (known as the “Open Internet” or “Net Neutrality” rules). However, as of 2017, these rules have been overturned in a court ruling and are no longer enforced, leaving broadband providers without much oversight regarding service offerings, pricing and access.

Mozilla is now championing calls to reinstate these critical Net Neutrality regulations and has become a leader in educating the public about what this means – technically and politically – for all Internet users across the United States. To further spread awareness of net neutrality rights, Mozilla created a petition-style website with simple instructions that guides users through submitting comments directly to the FCC. This display of support has accelerated discussions around Net Neutrality regulations throughout major media outlets and increased pressure on legislators to find solutions that protect free speech online.

Now with over two million signatures on its online petition alone, Mozilla’s call for Net Neutrality reform has become one of the most prominent campaigns addressing internet freedoms today – from grassroots efforts up until Capitol hill hearings – working hard at protecting equal access rights worldwide via its activism network called Open Leaders: The Global Network For Change Makers from 2015-2018 . By rallying individuals across boundaries working together towards reflecting future policies towards preserving cloud freedom via digitised programming ,rights suitable for any viable economy ,and user-based resolutions Mozilla Corporation is continuing its initiative at providing every day citizens with stronger footing before governments who seek to normalise lenient laws regarding frequency distributions usually coerced by lobbyists paid by special interests seeking favouritism toward their services at consumers’ expense long-term visions notwithstanding .


Mozilla has been at the forefront of the net neutrality movement for a long time, championing the rights of users to access the internet without restrictions.The company’s advocacy has been influential in the FCC’s decision to reinstate net neutrality, and this is a recent success story that deserves to be celebrated. Now let’s look at some key points that led to this successful outcome.

Summary of Mozilla’s Role in the Push for Net Neutrality

Since its inception, Mozilla has been at the forefront of the fight for Net Neutrality. For example, Mozilla was a founding member of ‘The Internet Defend’ coalition, which works to maintain a healthy balance from an Open Internet. Mozilla has also actively lobbied on behalf of Net Neutrality through direct contact with congressional offices and public engagements, such as filing comments to the FCC and submitting amicus briefs.

In December 2017, Mozilla filed a suit against the FCC in its efforts to restore Net Neutrality protections for U.S. consumers, companies, non-profits, libraries and schools. The day before the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality (December 15th), Mozilla launched an online campaign urging visitors to contact The White House and Congress to reinstate global open internet protections. Later that same month, Mozilla joined other organisations in a full-page newspaper advertisement calling on Congress members to bring back net neutrality protections nationwide.

Finally in 2018 when Senator Markey initiated the Congressional Review Act (CRA) as an effective way of reversing net neutrality repeal put in place by the FCC, Mozilla partnered with business groups and consumer advocates such as Access Now and Fight For Future (FFTF). These groups rally around a unified principle – that no broadband provider should impede or block access for customers or businesses based on their commercial interests or own content preferences’. Working with these groups together allowed Mozilla to take the collective action necessary to pressure Congress into voting “yes” on CRA resolution – ultimately leading to successfully restoring Net Neutrality nationwide on June 11th 2019 .

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Implications for the Future of Net Neutrality

The implications of the proposed repeal of Net Neutrality are far-reaching, and potentially devastating to any future efforts to keep the internet open and free. The repeal will eliminate the prohibitions on blocking, throttling, paid prioritisation, and other practices that give ISPs the power to pick winners and losers online. This lack of oversight could increase prices exponentially and create a slipshod infrastructure where only those with deep pockets can access reliable service.

Mozilla has been leading the charge for reinstatement of Net Neutrality as they recognize how vital a free and open internet is for innovation and progress. Small businesses could be priced out of creating their product or providing services without strong regulation — an example being Google’s early years. Without these small, creative entrepreneurs, larger companies can monopolise on ideas from smaller innovators, ultimately controlling what we see online within an ever-decreasing selection.

The outcome will also influence who gets access to vital services like healthcare information or access to education: two areas — even more than entertainment —where broad accessibility plays a huge role in maintaining functional societies. In short, a great deal hangs in the balance if equal access to the internet is compromised through lack of Net Neutrality protections; something Mozilla is dedicated to avoiding with their advocacy efforts toward restoring it.

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