YuKik (Test): We Tested the Special Football Connected Watch

Focus on YuKik, the Sensor to use during your football training or on a daily basis as a connected watch. Discover YuKik, the Sensor that accompanies footballers on the pitch during training and matches when worn on the ankle thanks to a special sleeve, but also in everyday life as a connected watch when worn on the wrist thanks to the wristband.

With YuKik, you will be able to measure your physical, athletic, and football performance. A useful data compiler for athletes but also for coaches and clubs who want to test and evaluate their players. This can allow you to make better bets on 20Bet.

Yukik, What is it

Founded in 2019 by two former comrades from HEC Paris, Hassan Koulouh and Samy Reguieg, joined by Sébastien Lecocq (computer engineer), the French company YuKik has designed and developed a 2-in-1 device: a foot sensor convertible into a connected watch with the tracker of activity. Thanks to the YuKik Sensor, connected to the App installed on your smartphone, you can compile your technical and physical statistics and follow your specific football metrics. With its state-of-the-art technology, the Sensor detects ball touches, kick speed, distance traveled, maximum speed, high-intensity walking/running/running, heart rate…

And once your training sessions or football matches are over, you can put it on your wrist to use it daily as a connected watch that measures your activity, your heart rate, your sleep, your recovery… Useful data to analyze your level of fatigue and prevent injuries, for example. Yuki is a very interesting tool to improve your sports performance.

Our Opinion on the YuKik Kit

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You Understood You Can

  • Either place the Sensor in the bracelet (it takes two seconds to install it) to have it on your wrist like a classic connected watch for your daily life.
  • Either place the Sensor in the Sleeve (it’s also very fast), then put the Sleeve on your leg to switch to training mode and measure your performance when you play football.

This dual use (game mode and connected watch mode) is clever; you had to think about it! This gives all its originality to YuKik, which is unique in its kind.


  • A simple, clean, sober, all-purpose design.
  • Two buttons only for easy use of the device. A short press or a long press on each button activates different functions.
  • The Sensor is very easy to pick up and use.


  • Allows you to use the Sensor during your football training and matches.
  • The Sensor fits very easily into a pocket inside the Sleeve. No risk of losing it during the session.
  • An adult-size sleeve + a child-size sleeve are provided in the kit. To put on the leg of the dominant foot.
  • In flexible, reinforced, and resistant fabric based on polyester and spandex, it is pleasant on the skin. It is machine washable.


To Conclude

The 2-in-1 Sensor designed and offered by the French company YuKik is ultimately very useful for analyzing both your daily activity, but also and above all, your sports performance. Thanks to its original design and its ease of use, this tool will be a very good life companion, both during your rest phases, as well as your training sessions and football matches.

In their clubs, professional footballers have long had sophisticated devices to measure their performance. It was time to provide footballers and amateur clubs with a high-performance, financially accessible, and easy-to-use tool. It is now done!

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