WTH is Going on with Warzone Season 3!? CoDzilla and More

We’re taking a look at what’s going on with Warzone Season 3 and what it means for the future of the game. We’ll also be discussing CoDzilla and more.

Dino VS Monkey

Dino VS Monkey is an exciting new game mode featured in Warzone Season 3. The aim behind this game mode is to throw two teams against each other: a dinosaur team and a monkey squad. Players must pick which squad they want to be a member of and compete for victory.

During the combat, players gather resources, construct weapons, and make things to aid them in their struggle. Each side may also employ unique talents to gain an edge over the other. This mode also includes a new character named CoDzilla, who must be defeated in order for the player to win.

Dino VS Monkey is a fun way to play Warzone Season 3 with friends or alone, as you compete for bragging rights.

Sniping is DEAD

Due to the latest modifications that have occurred with Season 3, sniping is no longer an efficient technique to play Call of Duty Warzone. Sniping has been an integral element of the Warzone experience since its inception in 2019, making the transition tough for many fans.

The improvements are intended to balance out the game, make it more competitive, and reduce the efficacy of long-range shooting. Many weapons, for example, now have higher bullet dispersion at range, and certain sniper rifles now require longer to re-chamber after each shot. There are also various new weapons that may help in close-quarters combat, including as shotguns and SMGs.

All of these changes make sniping far less reliable than it was before, so players must carefully choose how they want to approach each fight.

The New Gulag SUCKS

The New Gulag in Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 has received a lot of flak, with many players feeling that it’s too challenging. The New Gulag is a one-on-one battle mode in which players may try to resurrect themselves after they have died. However, if they lose the one-on-one combat, they are removed from the game and cannot respawn. This makes for a tough and stressful experience for everyone involved.

Many people have complained that the new Gulag is too punitive and demanding, making it practically impossible for newbies to succeed. Furthermore, there have been reports of players being trapped in the lobby and unable to join a game owing to server or other technical difficulties. Because of these issues, several players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the system, preferring prior versions of Warzone with more merciful respawn algorithms.

Time for a reset

Time for a Reset entails taking some time to recharge and evaluate the existing situation. We live in a volatile world, and Warzone Season 3 is no exception. Despite the excitement of Season 2, gamers soon discovered that their efforts to complete the battle pass were futile. This resulted in countless complaints and, eventually, the pressing of a reset button.

The Time for a Reset heading allows players to reclaim control of their gaming experience and start again by analyzing the game’s fundamentals and regulations. Players may get back on track using CoDzilla’s tips, lessons, and methods to help them win Warzone’s newest season. They’ll also be able to practice their long-distance killing talents while watching some of their favorite streams or reading stories about the newest Warzone Season 3 news.


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